What We Learned Against the Bills

imagesCAS0KA36It was going to be difficult for Mike McCarthy’s Packers to sustain the winning streak that they had carried since Week 10. Most thought that the Packers would stub their toes versus New England – and when that didn’t happen, running the table seemed plausible. But Green Bay caught Buffalo at the perfectly wrong time – with Doug Marrone’s Bills playing at home and in playoff desperation mode.

It’s obvious that the Packers weren’t themselves on Sunday. Rodgers and his receivers seemed to lack chemistry from start to finish, evidenced by many errant throws by Rodgers and general miscommunication on the bread-and-butter back shoulder pass. Rodgers was given little help, however, as his receivers dropped seven passes, including a painful drop by Jordy Nelson that would have surely changed the game’s momentum.

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UnPACK the Play: Clay Matthews’ Sacks Kyle Orton

The Packers defense did enough to win in this game, holding the Bills to just 19 points until yet clayanother safety (by rule) gave them 21. Funny…I said that I feared this game would be too similar to the Lions game and another safety…hmmm.

But let’s take a look at Clay Matthews’ sack up close. It all starts with down and distance. This is a 3rd and 17 which means Dom Capers can put on a high risk/high reward defensive play and try to get to Kyle Orton before a receiver gets far enough downfield. In case of a catch, the hope is that the receiver can be brought down in front of the sticks.  Continue reading

If I Told You Lacy Would Average 6.5 A Carry…

If somebody had told me Eddie Lacy would average 6.5 yards a carry and have a touchdown in the aordPackers versus Bills game, I would have guessed it was a win…period. We expected the Packers offense to be slowed by the Bills top five defense, but I don’t think anybody expected the torture of seeing Aaron go 17/42 and throw two interceptions (though one was tipped) and no touchdowns. I don’t think we expected to see Jordy Nelson short-arm an easy completion that would have gone big if not for a tochdown…one that would have allowed the Packers last series to require nothing more than grinding out a first down and running out the clock.  Continue reading

Post-Game R&R by Jeff

RantsEddie Lacy vs Atlanta

Well the Packers lose a tough one to the Bills, Right from the start you could see Rodgers and his receivers were not on the same page this game.

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Rant Here Packernation…

Eddie Lacy vs AtlantaWell I am opening up a “safe” space for Packernation to rant about today’s game. This was a comedy of errors from start to finish…oh, and by the way…the defense did enough to get the job done.

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