Schedule Released!

So we’ve known since December who the Packers opponents will be and whether we will play them home reveor away, but tonight the NFL released the actual game schedules during a 3 hour special on the Network. Here is what I got from the Packers schedule:

NFC North rivals: Packers fans know that Green Bay will play some good quarterbacks twice each this season against the Lions and the Bears…and after the draft, the Vikings may have a new quarterback as well…and yes, it makes us nervous because of the underachieving of our defensive backfield last season. But with some guys healthy and with the addition of Julius Peppers along with some defensive draft picks, the Packers remain the favorite in the NFC North…depending on what they do in some of the other match-ups that are out of Division. These out of division match-ups could be crucial though they are always secondary to beating the division opponents. Here is the Packers 2014 schedule:

Week 1: At Seattle…this could be a doozy!

Week 2: Jets come to Green Bay to try to make a point

Week 3: Green Bay at the Lions early in the season. This will be a good win to get under our belt!

Week 4: At Bears for another division opponent away…get the the Bears at home later? I will TAKE it!

Week 5: Thursday night, the Vikings come to Lambeau to get theirs!

Week 6: Packers at the Dolphins… a good away matchup.

Week 7: Panthers come to town to be tamed.

Week 8: Rodgers vs. Brees? Oh yeah, that’s big time!

Week 9: Bye – like to see it past the midpoint of the season

Week 10: Bears comin’ ta town!

Week 11: Eagles come into Lambeau…this is a good team and NOT to be overlooked.

Week 12: Packers need to visit the Vikings and keep things going.

Week 13: The Patriots visit Green Bay and folks, this could be a statement!

Week 14: Monday night and the Falcons have to travel…this one will NOT favor the Falcons!

Week 15: Packers have to travel to take on the Bills, but this should be a win.

Week 16: Packers close out at the Buccaneers…meeting Lovie…and showin’ him NO LOVE!

Week 17: Lions for a second time.

Wow! Packernation…the schedule is out and Green Bay can make a statement if they can bring their defense back from a less than acceptable season. What do you think? Make your opinion known in the comments below! Go Pack!


Defense Wins Championships

I got this hunch…what do you think? What is the Packers defense gonna look like when next season is over clayand the dust has settled? Make your opinion known! Poll closes at 5:00 so check it out!

OK Packernation...Where will the Packers defense be at the end of next season?

  • Much improved - upper third in the NFL (49%, 121 Votes)
  • Dominant - Top ten defense (33%, 81 Votes)
  • Healthier - but still gives up too many yards and points (14%, 35 Votes)
  • No change - Combination of D-coordinator and Draft picks MUST be revamped (3%, 8 Votes)
  • Worse than last season (1%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 245

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Datone Jones: Good Complement to Matthews & Peppers?

Coach McCarthy set a high bar for Datone Jones coming into the 2014 season. jonesThe reason the Packers selected Jones with their first pick was because he was supposed to give Dom Capers more flexibility and creativity on defense. This is the year the Packers see that creativity come to fruition.
With the addition of Julius Peppers and presumed health of Clay Matthews, Dom Capers will be able to release the hounds this year. If, as many Packers fans hope, Ted Thompson is able to draft some help for the backend of the defense, we could see a big improvement on the defense. And a big improvement on the defense could translate to the difference between being a “one-and-done” playoff team and bringing Lombardi back home for the first time since 2010.
Here is a refresher on why Ted Thompson picked Jones in the first place. Gotta take the bad with the good but this guy can be a difference maker on a team that has had Colin Kaepernick as bugaboo for several years:

Haters Gonna Hate…There Was Only One Number 4

Well, the response of Packernation to the question of whether it was time to bury the hatchet was overwhelming! Here’s why there’s only one number 4. All the TD’s in order through 2010 (except ’02 & ’06). Oh, and let me warn you, it might make you late getting back from lunch break, yeah, there’s that many:


Time to Bury the Hatchet?

Word came out this week of a reunion that might have happened between BRETTBrett Favre and The Green Bay Packers last season, had not his Oak Grove high school team kept winning. It seems so many years ago that Packers GM Ted Thompson committed the unpardonable sin of trading Brett Favre. It isn’t quite so far in the distant past that Brett Favre committed the unpardonable sin of going to the Vikings.

But for one of the best quarterbacks the league has ever seen to NOT be reconciled with his team is the greatest sin of all. Let’s remember the electric plays, the escapes, the touchdowns, and the Super Bowls. Let’s bury the hatchet. And while you’re at it, have a lil’ chuckle…we’re all a little bit fanatical in Packernation.

Post your comments below or on Facebook…is it time to bury the hatchet???

Go Pack!

Legacy of Champions: Packers 1967 Championship

Packers 1967 ChampionshipA continuation of the Legacy of Champions series. Articles that chronicle the 13 Packer championships. If you’re just joining us, read about all the great Packer championships by clicking here.

In 1967, big changes were taking place in the world of professional football. The merger of the National Football League and the American Football League was proceeding. The NFL divided each of its two conferences into two divisions. The Eastern Conference, with its Capital and Century Division, and the Western Conference with its Costal Division and Central Division, of which the Packers were a part.

Some key changes happened within the Packers organization itself as the league added an expansion team in New Orleans. The Saints took Paul Hornung from the Packers as a part of the expansion and he was quickly reunited with his old tandem partner Jim Taylor as the Packers traded Taylor to the Saints.

Many thought an aging Packers team had lost a step, but they were about to prove that wrong.

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No News is…No News

Ok packer nation… the draft is just a few weeks away and what have we heard ttfrom Ted Thompson? Practically nothing. It’s frustrating, I know. We hear nothing about who the Packers are interested in, who has been interviewed or worked out by the Packers and it’s frustrating because we want to know. Especially as the actual draft day steadily approaches. And what makes it worse is that, while we all know who we think the Packers could and should draft…we all know the draft comes down to the final board of TT and his minions.

Ted Thompson has a strategy here, no matter how frustrating his particular strategy may be. However close to the vest TT is with the fans…it translates to keeping other teams in the dark as well. And when it comes to the draft, that can be important. The last thing we want is for other teams to have any solid information on who Green Bay covets, especially as the NFC North champs (Go Pack!) and picking at number 21.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

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Abnormally Shallow Wide Receiver Position Poses Both Risk and Opportunity

imagesCA88HG5FIt was inevitable that James Jones would find his way out of Green Bay before the end of his career; the question was more about when it would happen. Jones had drawn little interest in the off-cycle free agency period of 2011 and was ultimately brought back to Green Bay at a bargain.

History did not repeat itself this March as a desperate Raiders club with a soft spot for Packer players gobbled Jones up for much more than he’s worth. The No.3 wide receiver spot is now Jarrett Boykin’s to lose – something that should excite Packers fans, rather than make them nervous.

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