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Fishing For Compensation…is TT Finished in Free Agency?

  8 months ago     133 Views     2 Comments  

In an off-season that can be described as "busy" by Ted Thompson's standards, the team has still seen more players leave than sign. The defense will benefit from Davon House but he certainly isn't a playmaker and the young pups Randall, Rollins, and Gunter will push him. The biggest signing was on the offensive side of the ball and with Marellus Bennett, but that meant passing on Jared Cook, who presumably will get a contract elsewhere eventually, the Packers are in a position to make a haul in the compensatory draft pick realm in 2018. I made a bet that…

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Why I Think the Packers Won’t Miss Jones

  8 months ago     81 Views     Leave your thoughts  

We just got news that the Vikings have signed Datone Jones to a new contract. It's always difficult to see a Packer player go to another team and even more difficult when that team is a division rival. However, there's one critical reason why I think the Packers were willing to let Jones go and why, I think, they won't miss him. (more…)

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Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy, and Combine Hopefuls

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On this episode of Good Packer Nation Morning, Brady discusses potential Packer moves leading up to the Combine. Catch the live show every Weekday morning and game day at 10:00 am EST on the GreenBay Packer Nation Facebook page. Or, subscribe on iTunes by clicking the link under the podcast player on this post.

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Hedging a Bet: Will Ted Thompson Make a Move?

  9 months ago     1872 Views     6 Comments  

A lot of the talk this off-season is whether the Packers will indeed be more active in free agency. Rumors that  the Packers will sign up to five free agents, and more recently, that they might be interested in a trade for  Connor Barwin have some in PackerNation excited and others skeptical. Here we wan't to paint a realistic picture of what to expect from a Packers GM who is apparently under some pressure to get more done, but historically is wont to spend money on the risk of a free agent. Further, the Packers philosophy of draft and develop certainly paints…

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R&R Free Agency

  9 months ago     1954 Views     3 Comments  

I've not written a post for a while but feel the need to vent, All the chatter about Thompson dabbling in free agency has me thinking could this be the year? Rodgers came out and kind of put the head honchos on the spot by hinting it's time to get aggressive with some top help. The release of Shields and Starks opens up a big chunk of cap space. Matthews could restructure his contract this year as well so Ted could get crazy along with other teams when free agency starts instead of waiting for all the high priced players…

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