Mike McCarthy Press Conference: Rookie Orientation Day 1

Mike McCarthy spoke to the media today briefly after rookie orientation, fielding questions about the new draftmike conference choices and undrafted free agents that Green Bay has brought on board. Here’s the straight skinny from my point of view.

In his usual no-nonsense demeanor, McCarthy answered questions as well as can be expected this early on in the process, saying that the goal of this orientation is to evaluate body movement, communication and the ability to process Continue reading

Seek Ye Out The Diamond In The Rough

I made the comment before this year’s draft that this may be the year that Green Bay gets another late round imgressteal. And while I am with everyone who is excited about the Adams and Abbrederis picks (very excited), I am keeping my eye on Jeff Janis as a possible seventh rounder who could become Donald Driver-like in production. While Driver came out of Alcorn State but had freakish athleticism, Janis has a big body but with 4.4 speed, he can develop into a very good player on a team that already has the pieces in place but has shown the ability to use weapons in mass when they were available.

Notice, however, that I said he could develop into a great player. I don’t expect Janis to flash greatness immediately. He needs to nuance his route running and learn Packer toughness catching in the face of hard hitting safeties. There is a transition coming from a Division II school to the pros and whether my prediction comes true will depend a lot on Janis’ ability to learn and transition. But this is part of what I like about the guy, he’s an underdog. I think the setup is right for Janis to become a force in the NFL: Continue reading

Forgotten Need Filled?

imgresEven though it is painful to read, most post-draft grades are going to be given solely on the basis of what needs each team filled and with how good a player(s) they filled them. In packernation, we all know that Jared AbbrederisTed Thompson does NOT draft for need unless two players are very closely ranked…then he will take need over best player available. Thompson made it clear that this is exactly the way this year’s draft played out, explaining why the Packers ended the draft with three wide receiver choices as that was the deepest position in this year’s draft.

There are some who would have liked to see the Packers draft another defensive player rather than take those three receivers but I am not one of them for a couple reasons:

Continue reading

You Grade the Packers Draft

Well with the draft in the books and a day to think about it…we want to know what packernation thinks! draft picHow did Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy do in this year’s draft? Grade each pick below and we will post the results. Don’t let the national media draftniks tell you what to think about this year’s draft…make your opinion known!

From what Ted Thompson has said after the draft, the Packers stayed true to their best player available philosophy for the entire draft. The Packers first pick was one that was hoped for by many, but not all in Packernation. A safety with a lot of range who can also come up and play the run. Here’s the rundown on the entire draft class: Continue reading

Day Two Selections Make Day Three Critical

Well the Packers first and second round picks in this draft were real crowd pleasers. Ha Ha Clinton Dix khyliwas a fan favorite for a long time but one that few thought would be available for the Packers at pick 21. When his name was called out…many in packernation were totally stoked. Then in the second round the Packers got Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers was totally stoked (along with most of packernation).

Then came round three and when the Packers took Khyri Thornton at 85. The high-motor DT from Southern Miss was met with less enthusiasm. First of all, it was a surprise that Thornton would be considered the Packers best player available at this pick, and secondly, DT was not seen as a position of high need. Khyri has a lot to learn to become an effective NFL defensive tackle but his quickness off the ball and his high energy play on a team that struggled to win one game caught Ted Thompson’s eye. Khyri could be a good player with some development, and he definitely will be playing with a chip on his shoulder as he had to fight to get into college and get his chance. And learning from guys like Julius Peppers can’t hurt. Continue reading

Number 53 Baby!

Packernation…introduced by James Lofton, here is our second round pick (#53) Davante Adams out of Fresno State. Big, strong, receiver. I like the way this guy elevates and uses his hands. Good after the catch too. At 6’1″ and weighing 212 pounds, Adams moves well and can make people miss in open space as well. Kind of a cross between James Jones and Greg Jennings. He is gonna need work to be effective in the NFL but to me, he is in the RIGHT place for that. Check him out:

More breakdown on this guy to come but let us know what you think. Good pick or is this guy a reach at pick 53? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

It’s Not Over Yet!


Well day one of the 2014 draft is in the books, it was a very exciting round indeed! From the beginning, gbhaPackers fans knew that we would be right on the edge of picking up a top player at their position, and that is exactly what we saw yesterday. When Calvin Pryor was taken by the Jets at pick 18, pressure in the veins of those of us who bleed Green and Gold went critical…

Then the Dolphins and the Saints (through trade) made their picks and Ha Ha was still on the board! But @packernation could not yet rejoice because Ted Thompson had the final say and there was no way of knowing for sure that even though Packers fans had been clamoring for a safety for months…he was Ted’s best player available. Continue reading

Click to See Clinton-Dix

Go CRAZY Packernation…here is our man!dix

One of the most talked about players when it comes to the Packers’ pick at number 21 is Alabama safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. Stats: 

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix combine results and measurements
Height Weight Arm length Hand size 40-yard dash Bench press Vertical jump Broad jump 3-cone drill
6’1″ 208 pounds 32 3/8″ 9″ 4.58 11 reps 33″ 119″ Pending

Source: NFL.com Continue reading

Wanna Hear a Draft Day Secret?

Well draft day is here! Packers fans are sitting on the edge of their seats, biting nails draft picwith bated breath hoping the Packers get a chance to pick their favorite college prospect at pick number 21. It’s fun, it’s exciting…and it is a VERY important day for the Packers today. The decisions called in today (that have been made over the course of the entire offseason) will shape the Packers team and fuel the Packers success for years to come.

But there is one thing that many of the draftniks and ALL of the Sports TV and radio are missing right now. This one thing is what I am going to be watching this particular draft for…and I can’t wait! So what is it? What do I see when I look beyond the hype? Continue reading