If You Don’t Get Love…You Make It!

Here comes the RADAR…get down!

Last night, Bucky Brooks put his top 5 pass-rushing duos in the NFL. Not surprisingly, this list did not claycontain one duo that many in #packernation are very excited about…Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers. My first thought was “hey, these guys haven’t even taken a snap yet so…sure”. That was until I scrolled down and saw DMarcus Ware and Von Miller at number four. Sure, those guys should be there but they haven’t taken a snap together yet either and the injury situation with those two (especially Miller – ACL) is more severe. So our guys didn’t get any love…but I for one am just fine with them flying under the RADAR. Peppers is just a season removed from 11.5 sacks and is now on a team with the best complement he has ever had in Clay Matthews. Matthews may still have some healing to do but is expected to be 100% and is alone a force to be reckoned with. He is one year removed from 13 sacks.  Continue reading

And the Winner is…

It’s Been Fun!

Wow, it has really been fun this week thinking about how close at hand the football season is and seeing Packers vs Read OptionPackernation’s response to the question of what to call the Matthews/Peppers duo. Packernation’s creativity showed and their passion for the men in Green and Gold. This is a team that needs to take the next step and those two guys are gonna be a big part of the Packers plan for this upcoming season.

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Three Reasons The Time Has Come

The Arrow Flies…

Allow me to remind you of a time…it seems so long ago now because the arrow of time always flies and brettkidnever lands. A time when football team was resurrected from the mire of years of mediocrity. A time when one kid stepped on the field and stayed there for what seemed like forever…One kid got dumped by the Falcons and picked up by the Packers and…in the words of Robert Frost “that [has] made all the difference” Remember when Brett Favre was the most exciting player in football? When his boyish enthusiasm captivated the world? Remember when we forgave him for his addiction to pain killers because we loved the way he played the game and we loved having a great quarterback who gave his team a chance in ANY circumstance? That is the Brett Favre I choose to remember. I know he threw a lot of INT’s but he also threw more TD’s than anyone in the history of the league to date. Brett Favre has said that a reunion with the Packers “is going to happen”. And it seems likely that this reunion will take place this coming season. Further, Brett told Sirius XM radio that his relationship with current Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is good. For some Packers fans though, it is gonna be hard to forgive Brett for the way he exited Green Bay. Here are three reasons I am glad time is bringing Brett Favre back to Lambeau: Continue reading

You Decide…The Matthews / Peppers Duo Nickname

Packernation steps up

We put out a call to try to influence all of the NFL and in particular Packernation by giving the Clay Matthews/Julius Peppers defensive duo a nickname. The response was incredible and we want first to thank Packers vs Read OptionPackernation for all the great responses…you really stepped up. This is, of course, to be expected of fans of the greatest team in the history of the NFL.We had to close the poll out because the list was getting too long!

The Candidates

jpGuys, we have to pare down the list! Yes, I have my favorites but I want this to be decided by Packernation. Continue reading

Finally…the NFL Catches on…

Wesseling on Peppers:

I saw an article from Chris Wessleing come across the NFL app today about how Julius Peppers was jpexcited to play opposite Clay Matthews as the best compliment he has ever had. Great article and the point was that Julius had spoken up…but a lot of us in Packernation have been excited about that for awhile. But as the Summer wears on and football gets closer…and closer…and closer…the excitement has got to grow. Packers fans…this is gonna be big! But that’s just it…Packers fans have been excited about Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews since the signing, the NFL is just now catching up. But there is a question still left to be answered. And I think it should be answered by Packernation. Continue reading

Rodgers’ Best Season???

Aaron Rodgers has got to be happy with this off-season. Yes, for all the obvious reasons…picked up three Aaron Rodgers Durabilityreceivers and a potential Jermichael Finley replacement in the draft. Also drafted our first pure center in awhile. Rodgers has gone on record saying that he wants a center that will stick around for a bit..we will see.

Here is a laundry list of things we can be excited about as a new season quickly approaches (and this is NOT exhaustive):

  1. Picked up help in safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
  2. Got Datone Jones amped up to make a step forward this year.
  3. Clay Matthews health coupled with the acquisition of Julius Peppers…woot!
  4. D-line with Raji at NT and Daniels coming on, will we get Johnny Jolly back?
  5. A coaching staff that is not afraid to promise improvements
  6. Wide receiver depth (above) that was unexpected after the departure of James Jones
  7. Aaron Rodgers healthy and…
  8. O line health and depth with the return of Bulaga and Sherrod

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If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…Join ‘Em

I cannot say enough for the extra dimension that Julius Peppers is going to add to the Packers’ defense. Peppers is a “specimen” according to AJ Hawk and the players are saying he moves like a young player. With a healthy Clay Matthews and Peppers on the field, offensive coaches are coordinators will be hard pressed to find a solution to the quarterback pressure we will bring.

But some may still wonder if the years Peppers has on his body won’t catch up with him. I think Peppers is in the right place and am convinced that this season we will see Peppers redeviva. Here’s why:

  1. The Packers have more pieces in place around Peppers on defense.
  2. The Packers are going to let Peppers do what he wanted to do from the start…move around and play multiple positions.
  3. The Packers have structured Peppers’ contract as a “pay for play” in that he was paid almost entirely in signing bonus this season and only counted 3.5 M against the cap. Next season, however, he will count 12 M against the cap if Green Bay decides to keep him. He must play to that value.
  4. I think we will see the young Peppers because his age says that this is his shot at making his mark on the league. How ’bout back-to-back Super Bowl victories…

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