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The Benjaminites and the Followers of Aaron

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Packernation knows that our team and/or season rides on the health of Aaron Rodgers. With a returning offensive line and veteran running backs who know their protection schemes the Packers should be in a position to do whatever they can to keep our star quarterback upright. But I think Aaron is going to have an even better season than last season for one particular reason that no one is talking about.¬† (more…)

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Head to Head: Will it be Broken?

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Elliot Harrison recently did a piece on NFL records that may never be broken. It runs counter to conventional wisdom to even think such a thing when, after all, "Rules are made to be broken." Maintaining a record has become increasingly difficult for quarterbacks as rule changes have favored the scoring of points. But Packernation has what could be one of the few exceptions. (more…)

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Back in the Green and Gold

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Yesterday, we posted a poll asking whether Brett Favre could still play in the league. The majority in Packernation said "Yes". Whether from seeing the world through Green and Gold colored glasses, or from the serious situation that so many teams are in without a starting caliber quarterback, so many in Packernation still love the guy. It all started with Bart Starr (all our best to you, sir) and then Brett Favre made years of futility go away with his never say die spirit and gun-slinging ways. (more…)

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A.M. Quickslant: New “Wrinkles” + Same Chemistry = Better Offense

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We've been asking Packernation about NFC North division rivals this week. One of the most important reasons that teams try to institute new "wrinkles" into their offense is to try to throw their division rivals off the scent. There is a certain familiarity that comes from meeting a team twice each year and using different players in different ways helps nullify the advantage that such familiarity may give a defense. Plays that have not seen the field¬†cannot show up as tendencies on the film. (more…)

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