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What 2 Watch 4: Packers Eagles Pre-Season

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The wait is over the Pack is back. Tonight, the Eagles come to Lambeau and Packer Nation gets its first look at the 90 man roster in action. Probably the biggest story-line this week has been Brett Hundley who has been taking first team reps in preparation for tonight. While the defense has really showed something during training camp, Packer Nation is excited to see how the offense operates with the second running back position still in flux and plenty of rookie talent in the stable. Here are the priorities and players that I will have my eye on tonight.…

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Hundley Needs to Trust the System

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When the Packers pour onto Lambeau Field Thursday night, all eyes will be on Brett Hundley. The presumed backup to Aaron Rodgers has been taking starting reps and will get in a significant chunk of work at the quarterback position. I expect to see Hundley for close to a half with Callahan and Hill taking snaps for a quarter or so each. While Callahan had a great pre-season last year in the absence of Hundley, the team needs to have a clear cut number two and has more than one reason to hope that Hundley succeeds. Here are three ways…

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Prediction Wednesday: Packers Versus Raiders

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When the Packers take on the Raiders tomorrow night, there we a different feel to the game. The main thing will likely be that Brett Hundley will finally get a chance to get back on the field. To me, the presence of Hundley makes all the difference in a game where the Raiders are expected to play their starters on the o-line and in the defensive backfield extensively (for a second pre-season game) and the Packers approach has been to risk no unnecessary starter. The match-up between the Packers third/fourth quarterbacks and the Raiders d-line was a recipe for...er....learning. (more…)

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Brett Hundley Stands to Gain from Packers Extra Pre-season Game

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In limited action, Brett Hundley showed that he belonged on the Packers' squad last year. In fact, on many teams not led by Aaron Rodgers, Hundley would be creating quarterback controversy. The Packers picked up Hundley in the fifth round and saw nothing to apologize for after the exit of Scott Tolzien left Hundley the incumbent backup to Aaron Rodgers. Hundley played admirably in his 2015 pre-season campaign, gaining himself reps by showing the coaches poise and athleticism. And in 2016, Hundley is going to have plenty of chances to shine. (more…)

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