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This Difference-Maker Would Make the Packers a Championship Defense

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Mike McCarthy has said that this Packers defense is not yet a "Championship defense". That could change with one move this coming offseason. Yesterday, the Rams released James Laurinaitis, the team's all-time leading tackler. This move had many facets but for the most part came from a desire to get younger and clear cap space. But the move is an opportunity for the Green Bay Packers defense to immediately take a quantum leap forward.  (more…)

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The Missing Link in Ted Thompson’s “Draft and Develop” Approach

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Ted Thompson has done an admirable job drafting new blood to keep the Packers' deep in young players, which has in turn helped keep the coffers deep, rather than blowing everything on high priced free agents. At its root, this draft and develop approach is one that I agree with. It's a young man's game and the Packers are consistently one of the youngest teams in the league. But I think Thompson is missing part of the "develop" part of the equation in his seeming steadfast refusal to sign free agents. But first, a disclaimer: (more…)

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Playoff Victory R&R: Packers Defeat Washington

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You like that, huh, You like that? "R-E-L-A-X" The Packers started this game like they have all season.. weak, but they finished like they have all season...strong. The difference was that they started finishing strong in the second quarter instead of waiting until the fourth. Aaron Rodgers taking a safety just brought visions of "Here we go again!" to this fan, I thought he said he was going to let it fly this game yet there he was standing in the end zone holding the ball. Washington was fired up and looked to have momentum in their favor going up 11-0 in…

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R&R Packers/Raiders

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Ugly win? Is there such a thing? The final score was 30-20 is the sight of this ugly? The offense may not have dominated like fans would like to see but they did enough to win and that's what counts! If we take a look at the four games they lost this year three of them were lost in the final seconds by either a FG or a missed TD pass to win. The only game they really out right lost was to Denver so the bottom line is that this team is on the edge of being a dominant…

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