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Judge Rescinds Brady’s Suspension

  2 years ago     132 Views     5 Comments  

Well, it is official. Tom Brady will have no price to pay (barring appeal) for his alleged part in the Deflategate scandal. US District Circuit Richard Berman has handed down his verdict. The decision, contrary to popular belief, was an "all or nothing" decision. The judge either upheld the suspension or rescinded it so this was not a case where the suspension would be upheld but reduced.  (more…)

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Tom Brady Suspended Four Games

  2 years ago     92 Views     8 Comments  

Well the Patriots are at it again...we all knew it but the verdict was handed down by the league yesterday, to the tune of a million dollar fine to the Patriots and the loss of next year's first and the following year's forth round draft choices. Plus the suspension of Tom Brady is a significant hit on the Patriots' bid to return to the Super Bowl. (more…)

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The NFL Didn’t Begin with Super Bowl I

  2 years ago     185 Views     18 Comments  

There has been a lot of talk about Tom Brady joining the ranks of Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana as a four time Super Bowl champ. While I don't have a problem with that notoriety, there is something about the whole thing that gets under my skin. (more…)

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These are the Games that Make NFL Football Great

  2 years ago     76 Views     1 Comment  

This afternoon's game is the kind of game that makes the NFL great. The rising star of Aaron Rodgers versus the Setting sun of Tom Brady. Two defenses evenly matched and at the same time we have to assume outmatched against two quarterbacks who have been called "future Hall of Famers". Running backs that know how to pound the ball and two teams that know how to win championships...it goes down NOW! (more…)

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