3 Reasons the Packers Will Make the Playoffs in 2014

From Outside Packernation:

draft picNFL AM had a piece this morning outlining three reasons the Packers will/won’t make the playoffs. The piece, to me was a little wanting. Now, it is to be expected that a show that covers the entire NFL would not know the Packers like the fans so I am not here to gripe. In fact, I had the same number one reason as they did…and furthermore, their piece got me thinking about this post so, “Hey guys…thanks!”

So here was the view from outside Packernation:

Three Reasons the Packers WILL go to the Playoffs:

  1. Aaron Rodgers
  2. Eddie Lacy
  3. They’re healthy

Three reasons the Packers WON’T go to the Playoffs:

  1. Their defense
  2. Specifically their pass defense (in the NFC North)
  3. They won’t go if the Lions win at Lambeau

From inside Packernation:

Well I feel a little presumptuous speaking for Packernation…this is just MY view from inside Packernation but there are a couple things I think we should all agree on.

First, the Packers ARE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS. It’s gonna happen, this team is too talented and hungry to be denied…PERIOD. So we can take the whole second half of NFL AM’s list away from the start.

Second, we can all agree on the number 1 reason the Packers are going to the playoffs. Take a second, think about it, now say it with me:


Reason Number 1: Aaron Rodgers2014 Packers

Aaron Rodgers…nuff said. We saw how this team struggled when Rodgers was hurt last year and not only is he back and healthy but I think this off-season has primed him for his BEST season ever. If that prediction comes true, Packernation, get ready because you are going to be witness to one of the best seasons put together by a quarterback…EVER. And remember you heard it here first. Now, let me clarify…when I say we may well witness one of the best performances by any quarterback over a season, I don’t necessarily mean that Aaron’s numbers will be off the charts. We have a running game and we will use it. But Aaron’s ability to put his team in position to win will be a thing of beauty. Also, his passer rating and completion percentage (already phenomenal) may be the best we’ve seen. He may not break the touchdown record but that doesn’t mean we won’t see the position of quarterback rarefied and presented in a way that makes the football gods weep and order their Muses to write songs about.

But why is this off-season special?

  • Aaron is not just healthy but is in better shape than he was last season
  • The offense has changed to make it simpler for the rookies. This means Aaron has to be more engaged with the offense this year
  • The O-line will see some key players return…the ripple effect of that could be special


Reason 2: A defense that has the potential to be great…only has to be good

We at GPN have said since the end of last season that while we agree that the Packers defense was a problem last season, we 100% believe that they will be fine. The return of key players and the addition of Julius Peppers along with a new attitude and guys like Ha Ha in the backfield make me think that this defense could be special. I really believe that. But here’s the beauty of it. The defense only has to be good to be good enough to get the Packers where they need to be. Again…I think they will be better than just good and I think we will see it starting with a beat-down on the Seahawks to start the season.


Reason 3: Green Bay didn’t win it all last season

There is motivation that comes when former champions don’t go as deep in the playoffs as they believe they sbshould and this Packers team is that. The O-line will not have forgotten that Aaron Rodgers got hurt on their watch. Aaron will not have forgotten that he had to watch from the sidelines for seven weeks. The defense will not have forgotten that they got blasted and made the Pariah for an entire off-season. Is anybody really gonna tell me this team won’t make the playoffs?

Green Bay is Titletown and Packers players young and old know that this team is about winning…no excuses…period. Green Bay will be in the playoffs next season. The stage is set for something better perhaps?

So there are my three reasons the Green Bay Packers are going to the playoffs next season. But what do you think? Let me know in the comment section below. And GO PACK!!!



3 Reasons the Packers Will Make the Playoffs in 2014 — 12 Comments

  1. From the mouth of Mr. Vic Ketchman himself. “Whatever it takes Baby!” those words will hold true to every player on the team and they will do it this year. Go Pack Go!

  2. With Jones gone, we’ll see how Rodgers adapts to other receivers besides Cobb and Jordy.The tight end issue is still unresolved, that’s a big issue and will Ha Ha work out? that’s another issue.

  3. I agree completely with you your statement that we need to only be “good” on defense to make a run at the Superbowl. This season looks to be something special with our young talent and the competition at those positions. Go pack go! Oh, and the bears still suck

  4. The packers are going to the playoffs because of aaron clay and cobb our offense is unstoppable :-) GO PACK GO!!!!!! :-) happy hunting boys!!!!

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