3 Things That Favor the Packers Coming Off The Bye

Well, as much as I miss Packer football, I am pretty happy that the team got the week off. It was 2014 Packersclear that Morgan Burnett, Datone Jones, and Sam Shields were missed against the Saints. Burnett in particular was having a season that was a great improvement over last year and though few are talking about it, safety play upgrade has made a big difference for the Packers defense this year.

But with the bye week over and the team going back to work, the Bears game becomes critical. It’s not just that the Packers look to stay within reach of the Lions should they stumble, but this is THE rivalry of the NFL as far as I’m concerned. The Bears versus the Packers…don’t take anything for granted. That said, I think things are looking pretty good for the Packers moving forward. Here are 3 reasons I think they are primed for success. 

1. Home games

downloadI’ve mentioned this before, but having the Bears, Eagles, Patriots, Falcons, and Lions at home is of the utmost importance as the weather worsens. Eddie Lacy, running the ball and catching short passes out of the backfield will become a critical weapon and the Packers should have a true home field advantage in games that may determine playoff positioning.

If the Packers can run the table at home, they have a very good chance of running the table, though, as Mike Davidsen has said, we can’t afford to overlook the game at the Bills. Now, I’m not saying that the Packers will run the table at home but they have a better chance there than if they had to travel.

2. McCarthy’s record after the bye

As Mark Murphy mentioned, the Packers are 7-1 after the bye since Mike McCarthy took over in 2006. This is especially important since the Bears are another team that rarely loses after the bye (see reason number one). The Packers must get started right on the stretch run that includes a critical game against the Lions to complete the season. Losses against NFC North teams are critical losses. The Packers can effectively administer a KO to the Bears season and watch for them to perhaps play the spoiler for someone else if they can continue their history of victory after the bye.

3. Return of the injured

As mentioned above, the Packers need Morgan Burnett and Sam Shields back. But we also get Datone Jones back and I’m hoping to see Tretter too, a welcome return to the offensive line. But remember, Aaron Rodgers also got a “tweak” and needed rest and Tramon Williams had an ankle that may have been bothering him as well so it is not just getting players back but getting players rested and refreshed that counts. The Bears will be coming off the bye week as well but while the Packers suffered a disappointing loss before the bye that gives them every reason to win, the Bears have suffered internal conflict as well as a losing record with questions about Brandon Marshall’s comments to the team and Jay Cutler. ed

So there are the reasons that I think the Packers are in good shape coming off the bye. Does that mean there are not still questions about how this team will play against good teams that are able to take Jordy Nelson out of the game and require new players to step up? No. But I like what Eddie Lacy was able to do in the Saints game…if that was the beginning of a trend, he could be the man to carry the Pack when necessary down the stretch. If I knew Eddie would play well, he would definitely be on this list but we will have to wait and see.


3 Things That Favor the Packers Coming Off The Bye
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One thought on “3 Things That Favor the Packers Coming Off The Bye

  • November 4, 2014 at 4:31 am

    If the playoffs began today, the Packers would not be in them. So every game is a must win for us at this point. We still control our own destiny at this point, and these divisional games will be a deciding factor for the playoffs.

    I think MM has destroyed our home field advantage, so hopefully this year is the start of turning that around.

    The biggest advantage we have over the Bears is still Jay Cutler. We need to capitalize on the mistakes that he WILL make.

    How Lacy was used against the Saints is a valid point. Isn’t that what we expected all year after the preseason talk of him having an increased role in the passing game? I think the question has to be asked; why hasn’t he been used that way all along? Having him as a check down in the passing game opens up the entire offense. Go Pack go!


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