A Delightful Bonus

Well, the Packers big win against the Minnesota Vikings had GPN’s own Jeff Hayes making plans toimages rotate his tires on Sunday. “Hey Jeff…hope ya watched some football!”

Packers fans were treated to a delightful bonus on Sunday, watching the Bears blow a lead to hand their first away loss to the Carolina Panthers AND seeing the Lions find a way to lose (thanks, in large part to Matthew Stafford) to the Kyle-Orton-led Buffalo Bills. If the stars ever aligned like that again, we would have to name the constellation “G-Force Major”. Here are some takeaways from this weekend’s festivities.

Bills v. Lions

Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions 2011Our own Mike Davidsen warned Packernation about the Bills before the season began. I don’t know how he knew it, but he gave the Bills more respect than most and said they would be a team that could surprise late and be running for a playoff spot. That scenario is holding up nicely.

The Bills are winning with excellent defense and barely serviceable offensive play. Case in point…Kyle Orton is the starting quarterback and the guy that the Bills are hitching their wagon to for the long haul. Orton, is serviceable but he needs his oil change every couple hundred miles, not every few thousand. The Bills are winning with the pressure of two premier, board topping sack artists in Marcell Dareus and former Texan Mario Williams. Behind that, the Bills have a solid and opportunistic defensive backfield that handled the Lions’ offensive weapons. Of course, Calvin Johnson’s injury made the job a bit easier but the Bills deserve credit nonetheless.

Whatever the case, the Bills get a bit of a side-hug from Packernation not just for beating the Bills, but also for putting down a LOT of tape on themselves and the Lions that the Packers can use to beat them both.

Panters v. Bears

The Bears looked a little like the Packers have from time to time…A potent offense that can suddenly go into whole quarter droughts. The Bears got off to a great start, scoring 14 points in the first quarter, only to sputter for the remainder of the game, scoring only 10 in the three successive quarters.

The Packers Got to watch the Bears stumble, knowing that their next meeting will be at Lambeau Field. But Packernation can’t afford to go to sleep on these guys because there will likely be desperation in the mix when the next meeting goes down. The Bears played well against the Pack at Lambeau at the end of last season, though one Julius Peppers will be wearing the Green and Gold next time.

The Trifecta

After having the distinct pleasure of watching the Packers wallop the Vikings Thursday night, the only thing that could have made the weekend better was a Lions’ loss…well you got that Packernation, and a Bears loss to boot! Now the Packers ride a mini bye into an important game against the Dolphins to maintain their place in the NFC North.

“Hey Jeff, how are those tires comin’?”



A Delightful Bonus
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2 thoughts on “A Delightful Bonus

  • October 6, 2014 at 10:11 pm

    Ha Ha Brady not only did I get them rotated and the oiul changed I did it in time to watch the Bears fall on their face yet again in the second half :) It was a added bonus to hear the Lions got beat as well although I did not get to see it the outcome was just as sweet!

    I believe the Packers should be 4-1 right now and should have beat the Lions! Whatever the case may be whether it was play calling or the offense just going on vacation for that game it was a gift they gave to the Lions in my opinion! The next time they meet will be the last game of the year and a lot are saying it could all come down to that one, I disagree I believe the Lions are a 10-6 team at best this year and the Packers are a 12-4 at worse. Packers got this hands down.

    The defense is improving every game and as long as Rodgers stays intense we all as fans can R-E-L-A-X!

    Thanks for the plug by the way Brady :) I enjoy writing about the team I love and it makes it very easy when they are playing well,But don’t get me wrong I can be very critical when need be also :)

    Go Pack!

  • October 7, 2014 at 4:27 am

    Playing without Megatron (who was hurt even while in there) and later the injury to Bush, definitely had an impact on the outcome of the game Lions/Bills game. But the biggest impact was the fact that the Lions played without a kicker. With a kicker, the Lions win by 6 or 9. Add Megatron and Bush and the Lions probably win by 20. I give the Bills some credit, but that would be like us playing without Rodgers, Lacy, and Crosby.

    The Bears’s struggles on offense are hard to understand. A fumble by Forte (never happens), an INT by Cutler (good for 1 per game), and several drops by Jeffery (rare) didn’t help their cause.

    But we’ll take it!

    Our D dismantled MN’s offense with a 3rd string QB. We defended the run very well early, and forced MN to get out of their game plan with an early lead. Our offense, while not exactly impressive for stats, took care of the ball and made big plays. We took advantage of our opportunities, and that’s what good teams do.

    But once Rodgers and Lacy left the game (the entire 4th quarter) we didn’t look very good on either side of the ball. Still bothers me that we’ve lost time of possession in every game this year, and fail to keep drives alive for scores late in games. Go Pack go!


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