AJ Hawk… A CLASS Act

ajAs many of you know by now…AJ Hawk, 5th pick overall…has been released by the Packers. This moves the Packers from a re-vamping year at inside linebacker to a re-building year. For all of his knocks (mostly due to the fact that he was picked number 5 overall) AJ was a consummate Packer, a phenomenal teammate, and an all around good guy. Just read his statement and you will see that AJ went out with dignity and class:

“I spent nine great years in Green Bay. I had awesome teammates and coaches and a great medical williestaff and equipment staff. Many of them have become my closest friends. We won a ton of games, as well as a Super Bowl, and I loved everything about playing for one of the greatest franchises in all of sports. The fans in Green Bay are incredible. Between playing at Lambeau Field as well as seeing them on the road, they always supported us. I am looking forward to my next opportunity in the NFL, but I’ll always cherish my years as a Green Bay Packer.”

So good luck AJ, and thank you for all you did for this Packers team that we love so much! Check the box below to tell AJ Hawk that you appreciate his years of contributing to Packers greatness:

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AJ Hawk… A CLASS Act — 33 Comments

  1. A.J.Hawk, a true Champion SIR, A true Professional. Im sorry to see you go, your blood will always be Green and Gold. Remember the Super Bowl as you were on that Team of champions.
    I look forward to seeing you play else where, there plenty of teams that could use you.

  2. I will always be proud of you. My daughter bought my “50” Jersey 9 years ago…Your parents raised a very good son on and off the field.

  3. I am an almost 70 year old grandma and Green Bay Pack and A J Hawk fan. Got my pink 50 shirt a few years back and wear it proudly.

  4. Sorry I can not call him a champion! Nice guys do not win championships and if it was not for his teammates carrying him for 9 years he would have not lasted past his rookie contract!

    He is a classy guy and what a Packer is suppose to be off the field but on the field all he was is reliable nothing else. A #5 pick over all is suppose to be a game changer and he never was.

    While I hate to see good people lose their jobs I can not say I am ad to see him go sorry :(

  5. AJ you are one of the best, you will be always be a Green Bay Packer to me and the family. Good luck with your next team. You are one heck of a player,will miss you.

  6. Some fans noticed players leaving a gated parking area of Lambeau. I quickly bought a hat for my son and a marker, and dashed to the gate in hopes of an autograph. A few SUVs with dark-tinted windows drove out of the lot, the slight flash of a hand visible through the glass. There was only one vehicle that stopped while I was outside, and that was driven by A.J.Hawk – window down and smile across his face. My son got the autograph. A.J. got my respect. Class act. Thanks for the man you are.

  7. Cheers for the memories, I’ve always thought judgement on you was too harsh regarding draft pick position…… Personally I don’t think you left anything on the field.

  8. You are the man. I think this sucks for the record. Don’t know why your being cut. But a BIG THANK YOU for the rememberable years. Praying for you. Good luck and God speed.

  9. AJ, I followed you as a Buckeye and was elated that my Packers picked you. Anybody that knows football knows you brought stability and leadership to the middle. Sorry to see you go. God Bless You, you are a class act!

  10. Almont ready to cry you will truly be missed good luck in your career I will keep watching and following your career for sure no matter where you go good luck !!!!

  11. We are starting to think maybe Ted Thompson should go. He seems to do more damage than good with his cuts. Reliable is a good thing and AJ Hawk is all of that plus so much more.
    Go Packers! Hoping for the best next season ever.

  12. I couldn’t believe the news. I have watched you play since your days as a Buckeye and as a Buckeye and Packer fan all these years watching you has always been fun. A buddy and I met you at the Memorial a few years ago and you stopped and chatted with us for a few minutes, we were very appreciative of you taking tome out to talk to us. Good luck always, You are a class act! I’ll still be watching!

  13. Thank you A.J., you were an asset to my favorite and only team! Will miss you! Good luck on your next journey :) #Packerfanforlife and to think I live in Seahawk nation…UGH!!! LOL.

  14. congrats AJ, awesome career with PACKERS. Sad to see you go, liked you for being a better role model for the team. Props for CLASS and morales. Should have kept you and released mccarthy for stupid calls that blew a championship game, that you deserved. good luck in your future, try not to hit Aaron too hard.lol

  15. I bought a Hawk jersey after AJ’s first year with the Pack because I knew he was going to be a special addition to the team. Best of luck AJ wherever you land next but know you’ll always be in the hearts of the Packers fans!

  16. Thanks for all the great years here I will miss you . No mater where you go , I will be looking for you good luck frank lawver thanks

  17. An NFL career can’t last forever – but No.50 had a good run

    Was continually amazed at his ability to be at the right place making plays – game after game.

    To us AJ will always be a true Packer

  18. Give me Style or give me Class, I’ll take Class every time. AJ Hawk WS and is a Class Act. He gave it everything on and off the field and you never heard him brag, boast, or run his mouth, he did his job! I believe he is the leading Packer tackler of all time? KH

  19. As a packer fan and “neighbor” from Dayton, Ohio have always followed your career with interest. Sorry to see you go, but wish you and your family the best always.

  20. AJ Please know that it is difficult to see a man of such HIGH character and class no longer be playing on Sunday’s in the Green and Gold. I know you still have “gas” in the tank, so know most of us Packer fans will be rooting for you as your playing days continue. Only the BEST wishes for you and your family!

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