Back in the Green and Gold

Brett Favre 2Yesterday, we posted a poll asking whether Brett Favre could still play in the league. The majority in Packernation said “Yes”. Whether from seeing the world through Green and Gold colored glasses, or from the serious situation that so many teams are in without a starting caliber quarterback, so many in Packernation still love the guy.

It all started with Bart Starr (all our best to you, sir) and then Brett Favre made years of futility go away with his never say die spirit and gun-slinging ways. The guy had such a strong arm…I have no doubt that he could still out throw some qb’s on some teams in the league. So glad to see Brett Favre back in the Green and Gold! And now we have Aaron Rodgers who while very different from Favre in style, once again allows Packernation to say that they have the best quarterback in the business!

It is great to see Brett back in the fold, and it is going to be an immensely exciting season of football. Generations of Packer FansMake no mistake, it is right around the corner.

So, Packernation…what was your favorite moment with one of the great Packer quarterbacks? Maybe one play sticks out, maybe you got to meet one of these Packer greats! Share this post and put your story in the comments below or back on the Facebook Fanpage and as always…

Go Pack!

Back in the Green and Gold

One thought on “Back in the Green and Gold

  • July 1, 2015 at 11:18 pm

    There are soooo many but, it has to be the game that he played after his father passed away. I bet I had tears most of the game. To see the opposing team cheer him on was something you just never see. The game he had because of all the players around him was unbelievable !!! I have seen tons of crazy throws and catches, well even runs…. but this was a once in a lifetime show….


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