Best Brett Favre Moments: Part 5

Brett FavreHere’s another in our series remembering Brett Favre who will be returning to Lambeau to have his jersey retired and be entered into the Packer Hall of Fame this very year. At the end is a statement by the creator (not necessarily endorsed by this website) that you can comment on at will. I, for one, am just glad that Brett Favre is going down in history as none other than a Green Bay Packer! Here’s the cut-up:


Best Brett Favre Moments: Part 5 — 4 Comments

  1. Most dynamic, fun loving football player of all time. There is not another like him nor will there ever be. No one has ever had more fun on the field than Brett love him as a football player.

  2. truly the best gave us pride and glory in all his years with green bay i am from wisconsin now in ohio however that makes my trip to canton closer i will be there god willing on his induction day

  3. Favre threw to many interception, NFL record number, just a heart breaker. Also, Wolf’s best move was the signing of Reggie White, his play, leadership, mostly he changed the view of playing for the Packers.

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