Can’t Get Enough of this Guy

I can’t help it…I love watching Eddie Lacy film. This kid pretty much single-handedly became the answer for lacya running game that had been absent in Green Bay for far too long. While today’s NFL allows for teams with a great quarterback and wide receivers (Green Bay) to not just survive but thrive, keep in mind in 2010 how important it was that James Starks came on strong when he did. Yes Packernation, the pieces are coming together.

  • We shored up the defensive backfield with the addition of Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. And I will again say that I expect this year’s defense to be quite good. I may be drinking the Kool Aid on this one but I think Peppers was a great addition, Datone Jones will show improvement, and we could see one of these rookie LB’s make a splash.
  • The wide receiver corps…well…no comment necessary…BIG TIME!
  • Aaron Rodgers is healthy (knock on wood)
  • Eddie Lacy – teams would like to think they can just stack the box against him but…see “wide receiver corps” above. This balanced offense will force defenses into more compromising positions than a (fill in your own lewd over-descriptive reference here).

My question mark for this year’s offense is what is going to happen with the offensive line. I am glad that the Packers drafted Corey Linsley in the 5th round this year because that could be important for the continuity of the line. I expect some shifting must take place but if Linsley works out, that will be minimized greatly. Mike McCarthy has said that this is the deepest group of O-lineman since he has been at Green Bay and I hope he is right. The battle is won in the trenches…right?

But that being said, I can’t wait to watch Lacy tear through defenders again. I love the way this kid runs with an attitude but NOT with reckless abandon. Watch Lacy and you see a fleet-footed freight train who does not shy away from contact.

While he doesn’t shy away from contact…he doesn’t seek out contact for its own sake either and that is good for the longevity of a guy who plays one of the most violent (and short-lived) positions in all of sports. Lacy makes it hard for LB’s to get a solid hit because his feet are faster and he has a nice selection of moves in the toolbox.

We’ve seen him use his moves, not just brute force, to get in the endzone on several occasions. But once in the backfield, Lacy doesn’t hesitate to drop his shoulder and bowl over safeties in the open field if they have the angle on him. But he consistently makes his decisions based on what he thinks will gain the most yards…this is important. But don’t take my word for it, watch and see.


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