The Back-story Resonates…

I don’t know about you but seeing repeated clips of Brandon Marshall on The View signing his new contract for $40 million and then making a big dealbrandon about giving $1 million to his charity really got under my craw this week. It bothered me I think because I was a bit conflicted about it. I saw Marshall when his emotional outbursts cost him his job with the Broncos. I saw when he came to the Bears and because he was a good receiver, he made plays FOR a team that I hate AGAINST the team that I love…the Packers. So I admit, I was jaded against this contract signing on national television thing from the start. But also I applauded his work to raise awareness of mental health issues. I just wondered why, when Charles Woodson could give millions to a hospital, he didn’t have to toot his own horn in this way. We all know that Aaron Rodgers gives but he never announces it himself. Something about it just didn’t feel right.

Well, as always when forming an opinion, it is important to get the whole story. Today I found a clip of the full segment, not just the piece that NFL Network has been replaying ad nauseum. And I must say, it changed my mind quite a bit. Now, I think when Green Bay is picking off Jay Cutler passes to Brandon Marshall…I will at least have a little more respect for the guy than I did before.

I really want to know what Packernation thinks of this, but I want to know AFTER you get the whole backstory. Check out the clip…I know, I know, “He’s a Bear!” Yes, he is and if you watch this and think he’s just as pompous as I thought before…that’s fine. I want to know your opinion. I suspect there may be people who have loved ones who are affected by mental health issues that may appreciate this clip even if it is about a Chicago Bear. For me, it was more important to hear the whole story BECAUSE he was a Bear. This is an issue that involves football but also transcends football. That’s why I found it important to share. That and the fact that it is the off-season and a good time to ponder such things…

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