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News of Jared Abbrederis’ ACL injury dampened Family Night for Packers fans who also follow theJared Abbrederis Badgers.. We saw a lot of good things…a lot of exciting things, but did not get a chance to see Jared out there catching passes and running around.

This is a setback…nothing more and as AJ Hawk hinted, Abbrederis will look back on this year with a smile after a long and illustrious career with the Packers. Of course, there is no guarantee of that but Jared has a real shot and could contribute to the longevity and success of Aaron Rodgers too. The Wisconsin Badgers have produced top quality receivers in the past and the Packers picked Abbrederis for a reason.

Here is some highlights from Abbrederis’ career as a Badger. No we won’t see him this year (I’m not rubbing that in), but these highlights remind us that Jared is a tough, sure, no-nonsense kind of guy who will do what it takes to get back and be better than ever. In the meantime, he will take mental reps to get better. No they are not as good as the real thing but they still will amount to familiarity and improvement in anticipation of the time when his knee is back to full form.

And for all those who would like to wish Jared well in his recovery, just click the button and let’s see how many well-wishes we can get for a young man who even though he is tough and all his team-mates say that he has a great attitude toward this, must be a bit discouraged that he won’t get a chance to play this year. Scroll down to wish him well:



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Good luck Jared! It’s gonna take time and a lot of work but you will be back!



Click Here To Wish Jared Abbrederis Well! — 24 Comments

  1. This can work in his favor if he plays it right…Now he can work on his upper body strength which MM was concerned about in the first place and he can study the play book watch the vets as they run the plays to learn so when he comes back next year he will be bigger, stronger and smarter..And by being put on IR for the year it is insured that he can’t be signed by another team.

    • I agree Jeff. Mental reps are VERY important and with an
      ACL there will be no limitation to the upper body workouts Jared can do. Coming back can be difficult but they are ACL’s are pretty successful nowadays. He’s gonna come back hungry!

      Thanks for reading!

      • Agreed Brady ACL’s can be repaired and with the right mind set and work out ethics he could come back even stronger than he was before the injury. Abby is a fighter he has always over come the odds and I would bet my bottom dollar he beats them this time as well.

  2. Abby is safe. He can’t be poached by another team. I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back and takes the 3rd WR spot. He will know that playbook like the back of his hand.

  3. Jared, you carry yourself with class both on and off the field. I just started a year in the desert with the Army, you will soon start a year (or less) of rehab on your knee. Looking forward to being back in Wisconsin and seeing you back out on the field, God Bless!

  4. Sorry for your injury and the team’s loss of not having you on the field this season. However this can work to your advantage. Study the playbook hard work your upper body and next season come back swinging. GOD bless you and the packers.

  5. We watched you play football in Wautoma, we watched you
    play football in Madison, and we will watch you play football
    in Green Bay. This is all part of God’s long range plan for
    you. Get Well.

  6. Loved watching Jared as a Badger & waiting to see him with the Packers. We will see you next year – take care & see you in 2015 :):)

  7. So sad that I won’t get to see my favorite Badger on the field this year! I know he will come back stronger and even more amazing next season though. Love me some Abbrederis! GO PACK GO!

  8. You will be back better than ever —— you were a badger. Take your time and do it right. Looking forward to seeing you next season.

  9. Everything happens for a reason and we still do not know the reason for this. You will find it cousin and be all the better for it. We are praying for you and anxiously awaiting rour return to the field.

  10. Jared, I tore my right acl this summer, as well. I know how it feels to have to watch (I’m only missing softball, but it still sucks), so keep your chin up and make that 53 next season.

  11. Hi jared I hope your knee gets better soon and it heals up fast so we can ride bikes next training camp season! Your bike girl Brynn

  12. So sad to hear about your injury. Hang in there, we are looking forward to seeing you return next year to show everyone what a top notch player from Wautoma is like.

  13. Jared, I’ve been following you since you started playing football at Wisconsin. I don’t plan on stopping now just because of a little ACL tear! Hang in there, be positive, and come back strong. Packer Nation will wait for you!!!

  14. I have no doubt you will be back stronger than ever next year. Orange/Black, Red/White and now Green/Gold! We’ve cheered you on through it all, and will continue through your surgery/recovery. Best Wishes!!

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