Click to Get Pumped: Jordy Nelson

All the talk of wide receiver and quarterback combinations has seemed to focus on the Bears and the Lions Aaron Rodgers TD Percentagethis year with no combo from the Packers cracking the top five while Stafford/Megatron and Cutler/Marshall were both in the top five. I got one thing to say to that….”WHO CARES!!!”

The Packers have OWNED this division and even hung on to it in Aaron Rodgers’ absence last season. Any North team who comes up against Green Bay is going to face the deepest, hardest working, and most balanced offense in the division, no matter what accolades their own QB/receiver combo got. These guys get the ring…not just face time on another lame NFL Network top five (top ten…whatever) list.

Lately we have been running a series called “Click to Get Pumped” and thrown up some great highlights put together by some great folks (be sure to give em a sub). Today…it’s Jordy Nelson. I just love the way this guy plays:


Click to Get Pumped: Jordy Nelson
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