CLICK to PICK: Viewing the Brett Favre Hall of Fame Induction at Lambeau

Brett FavreWell, tickets to the Lambeau Field viewing of Brett Favre’s Hall of Fame Induction have sold out. And I must say I am glad..for one, because a lot of people who wanted tickets got them and will get to share in the celebration (though second-hand). The other reason I am glad the tickets are sold out is because now I don’t have to have this internal dialogue that has been going on for awhile now. 

The conversation involves the Brett Favre lover me versus the pragamatist me. The Brett Favre lover in me would have loved to share the induction of Brett into the Packers Hall of Fame with a bunch of crazy Packers fans at Lambeau Field. It would have been a blast! Finally, after all these years, the prodigal son returns home and the stadium is sold out just for the opportunity to watch the ceremony on the big screens! This is what Packers fans are…forgiving, rabid, committed, crazy. The best fans anywhere.

But the pragmatist in me has a few questions. First, why couldn’t we view the ceremony itself out at brettjerseymemethe 50 yard line at Lambeau Field? The organization has said that it was not logistically plausible and this is simply not true. There would be nothing easier than setting up a stage (I mean they do it for concerts and it wouldn’t have to be nearly as elaborate) on the field and having the original venue prepared in case of inclement weather. Wouldn’t the price of 64,000 tickets offset the extra cost? And since Brett is supposed to make an appearance anyway…why send him out to the crowd? Why not perform the celebration for the crowd and then, if you have to have a banquet with the “important people”, go and do that. To the pragmatist in me, the explanations and excuses fall flat, and smack of a team that knows it can get butts in the seat (tickets sold) without having to provide a truly celebratory experience for the masses of Packers fans who still love Brett Favre. I mean, the “celebration” is going to be shown on state networks and the internet. If I was going to buy tickets for something that I could just as easily see on the big screen at home…it would be a game.

brettkidWhile I bleed green and gold and see the world through green and gold colored glasses, some part of me wonders about this event. Would I like to see it? Yeah! Would I pay money to see it? Probably. Do I think the Packers took the best course of action when the fans cried out to be a part of this momentous day? No.

But what do you think Packernation? Now that tickets are no longer available, did the Packers do the right thing for the Brett Favre induction ceremony? Click below to let the world know what you think, and give it a SHARE so we can here from everybody in Packernation!




CLICK to PICK: Viewing the Brett Favre Hall of Fame Induction at Lambeau — 4 Comments

  1. I was so excited to get tickets. Wish I could’ve gotten more than 8. Love Brett! He was a main ingredient in bringing the pack back to glory.

  2. Stop the presses. Brett is NOT going to retire, He will sign a 4 game contract to replace Tom Brady in New England. lol

  3. So glad I got tickets. Making a trip from Tucson AZ to be there for this awesome event. So looking forward to it. Thanks.

  4. I love Brett Favre and would love to go but don’t have tickets.I agree with this post that it would have been better to have it on a stage on the field. I definitely would have gone to see him then but will now watch on my big screen tv.

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