Well, with no more than ONE game in the books, many in Packernation are already calling for Dom Capersvote to be fired. The performance of the defense against the Seahawks was enough to convince fans who were already skeptical from last season, that it is time for Dom to go.

While some would say that anyone who wants Capers fired is just a “hater”, I disagree. People who want Dom Capers fired are not Dom Capers haters…they’re Packers lovers. Those who feel that Dom should stay are Packers lovers too though, so where is is the middle way?

To me, the impulse to fire Dom Capers is exactly that…an impulse. It is natural to be peeved (to say the least) at the defensive coordinator. The defense laid an egg last Thursday, no question about it. They couldn’t tackle, didn’t get sacks, couldn’t cover Percy Harvin, and had no answer for either Marshawn Lynch OR Russell Wilson. They were drubbed.

But firing Dom Capers will do nothing but destabilize an already unstable side of the ball. Here’s why I think it is a bad idea:

1. The problem was not calls but fundamentals

20130911-103350.jpgOther than the inability to handle Percy Harvin (when this guy is on the field he is special), the problems in the Seahawks game were more about fundamental football. While Mike McCarthy was clear that there was need for better communication by the coaches (on both sides of the ball), fundamental football was lacking as well and this comes down to the players. We have some young players, but that is no excuse for not being able to tackle. We may have had a less than ideal call on from time to time, which happens no matter who the coordinator is. Still, the players make the plays.

2. The Inside Linebackers are crucial but weak

In Dom’s scheme, like it or not, the DL’s are meant to handle two gaps, freeing up the linebackers to make plays. BJ…you are missed. Unfortunately, the Packers inside linebackers are anything but playmakers. I expected AJ Hawk to show up in this game and he did not. But Brad Jones was the Pariah of the defense to me. The problems began up front but Brad just seemed to be out of position the entire game. Bring in a new coordinator, that problem doesn’t go away.

3. It’s ONE game!

I know that people who want Dom gone are carrying over their angst from last season but I still don’t think one game with the retooled defense is a large enough sample size. We have a lot of new moving pieces that need to gel and I think Dom deserves the season to prove he can make it work. Add to that the fact that removing a coordinator in the season usually just makes things worse. I don’t think firing Dom is a good idea at all at this point. But here’s a poll:

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Well, that is what I think Packernation. But what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section below, and as always…Dom Capers or no…



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  1. I Think After The Season Is Over And He Can’t Do Any Better Than He Did Against The Hawks, Fire Him. While You’re At It, Get Rid Of McCarthy Too. He Blames The Team When They Do Bad, And Takes The Credit When They Win. He Sucks!!!!!

  2. The problem is not dom , the problem is the front line, they have to scheme and execute better, it important the front line hold their ground that free up linebacker to make plays, players have to be coaches on the field it’s also helps the defense back to adjust, it starts with the front line , nose guard is very important

  3. Dom should have been let go 3-5 yrs ago. His D is constantly near the bottom of the league. Yes his line is weak, his lbs suck, and everybody is young.
    So shouldn’t the blame be on Ted Thompson? He continues to fill the roster with young KIDS. Its great were always under the cap, but that doesnt equal wins!

  4. It’s not all the defenses fault, ……mc carthy calls a terrible game as usual, ….Seahawks use Percy harvin all over the field, packers use Cobb to RUN pass routes and that is all, no screens no gimmicks, just bla bla bla!!!!

  5. Capers had one good year in GB in 2009. What’s lost is that we already had a pretty good defense at that time. But we converted to a 3-4, forcing Kampman to (unsuccessfully) convert to OLB, and that’s the last we’ve seen of a pass rush in GB.

    My problem with Dom Capers goes back to 2010 and every year since. We limped into the playoffs that year with a D ranking near the bottom in most categories. But McCarthy and fans said it was due to the injuries – so he stays. 2011 was worse, yet again they blame the injuries and again support him. Then 2012, and nothing changes. Then last year, same old same old – can’t stop the run or the pass. How long do we keep putting up with this?

    Supporters of Dom are quick to point out his successes of the past – which are limited to 3 seasons with the Steelers and an all-pro defense, and a single year with the Panthers.

    The fact remains that he’s been fired from the Panthers, Dolphins, and Texans. The coaches singing his praises are the same coaches that are running and passing all over us. His success was 20 years ago. His schemes are outdated and players don’t respond to his coaching. Enough already.

    What do we have to lose by firing him now? We can’t tackle or maintain our gaps with him. We’ve got terrible ILBs lining up 5-7 yards off the line on obvious run plays, no way they can penetrate the line from there. I don’t see how it can possibly be worse without Capers in GB.

  6. It is not just the Seahawks game, it is really the trend in the defense in the last two years. Their defense has failed to rise to the occassion in every big game. Colin destroyed us and a simply competent QB in Wislon looked like a hall of fame player. Poor schemes, poor tackling and where were the great new wrinkles? No where. Poor coaching is very evident

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