Quickslant: Ravens Looking To Trade Brown

Dan Hanzus of Around the NFL is currently reporting that the Baltimore Ravens are shopping linebackerarthur brown Arthur Brown.

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In the wake of an opening night loss to the Seattle Seahawks and with Brad Jones being called the Pariah of the defense, the Packers could show interest in Brown, a second round pick from a year ago. While he has recently fallen out with the Raven’s coaching staff, and he is certainly NO Mosley, Brown had 15 tackles, 1/2 sack, and a forced fumble in 211 snaps. Not good but a guy who is still 24 years old may develop. And the trade bait may be a running back. The Packers have a strong stable of running backs and a dearth of talent at inside linebacker. Should they give Brown a chance?

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We all know Ted Thompson is not one to make too many moves in the offseason…much less willing to do so after the season has begun. But I would like to see him do his due dilligence on this one. Could be a perfect fit.




Quickslant: Ravens Looking To Trade Brown — 7 Comments

  1. Here is my thoughts on the subject! Hawk and Jones need to go but we do not need another loser to replace them, Lets get Lattimore and Barrington some play time with Bradford as a relief to get some time as well and these three will be beasts in the middle IMO!

    • Totally agree that we need to get those boys some time…They’re hungry! I would rather see Brown than Jones. I would rather see just about anybody over Jones. Worst ILB play I have seen in a LONG time!

  2. Well, I don’t like the guys that start for us, but I’d rather see what Barrington and Lattimore can do than trade for this guy. I think the poll question needs to be asked differently. Now if this Arthur Brown fellow were an offensive tackle…

  3. If we trade for anything it needs to be an O linemen, put Bradford in over Jones, keep Hawk in, and rotate Lattimore and Barrington in behind him and Bradford, Jones has poor tackling skills and is afraid of contact, its a must to replace him, its a no brainer.

  4. Packers have said repeatedly that Bradford is an OLB and will not transition to ILB. Barrington is an ILB and played well in preseason. Lattimore was a dependable backup ILB last year when healthy. I’d like to see Barrington get some playing time, and fall back to Lattimore if needed. Jones shouldn’t be on our roster, period. I wouldn’t give up anything for Brown based upon what little I’ve seen from him so far – unless it’s a straight up trade for Jones (which still isn’t anything). :)

    • David they moved Bradford inside in the last preseason game and he has been practicing at the spot since then so they have moved him and are now in the process of converting him to ILB.

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