Decisions, Decisions: Part 1

Packers QBsThe Packers have some important decisions to make this off-season. Free agency can significantly change the face of an NFL franchise in short order. This year’s Packers team could possibly be missing one or more key players from the 2014 team. The Packers free agent list is significant this year and how they balance free agent signings is also therefore significant.

Green Bay Packers' Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn’s success is largely dependent on the play of the Offensive line.

Everyone in Packernation would probably agree that Randall Cobb will be top priority for the Packers this offseason. Tramon Williams may be up there as well but he already commands a LOT of cap space and Randall Cobb has been a play-maker for Aaron Rodgers and needs to get paid. The touchdown against the Bears in the last game of the 2013 season is reason enough.

But one pair of free agents will be hotly contested in Packernation and that is the free agent signing/signings of Matt Flynn and Scott Tolzien. Who should the Packers keep? Can they afford to keep them both? How much should be paid to a couple guys that all Packernation hopes will only see the Field when the Packers have a big lead in the 4th quarter? We will all soon find out but in the meantime Packernation…what do you think? See how your answers stack up against the rest of Packernation by making your selection below:

Which backup quarterback should the Packers keep?

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Decisions, Decisions: Part 1 — 8 Comments

  1. I like Flynn but Tolzien is the right choice moving forward he has more upside and I believe this year if called upon he would be the better man for the job over Flynn

  2. So (T.will) cb green bay packers..salary to high? jus got beat on deep ball crunch tyme to go bring the trophy home..let em go pack nation we can get 2 or 3 player’s for hiz cost f**$ dat fr..he p@!*#! me tf off wit dat and I called it b4 we even got to that game..even tho we shoulda scored on those turnovers..

  3. I honestly don’t believe either one of these players are able to lead a team, if in fact Rodgers was unable to play. It’s scary knowing, the season is all on one player. One player Hobbling around with a calf injury or a collarbone fracture, knowing your teams fate is all but done. I prefer a vet with more big game experience. Possibly someone in the last years of his career. I am not saying these guys have big game experience, but someone like a Weeden or a Hoyer. Maybe someone like a Charlie Batch type of player! Hell I would take a Michael Vick before these two guys! (Please forgive me)

    • Mike Glennon from Tampa Bay would be a huge upgrade behind A-Rod. he has a ton of upside and Tampa Bay doesn’t seem to want him.

  4. Lombardi said the most important position on a team is the QB, and the second most important position is the backup QB. Bratkowski was key to winning championships during the Lombardi era. Nothing has changed in the modern era, QBs still get injured and backups are needed often.

    I’ve never understood McCarthy’s decision to have Flynn at backup last year. Tolzien outplayed Flynn all preseason last year, period. Our offense stopped when Flynn took the field during all but the last preseason game, and all regular season games. I believe it is time to let Flynn go. Tolzien has made huge improvements and we should keep him. Then I’d look to the draft for another backup QB.

    Even in 2013, Tolzien moved the offense. His turnovers were the only problem, which he had none during preseason last year. He has a strong arm, reminds me of a young Favre. He now knows the offense, and has earned a spot on the roster. Would be a shame to develop him and then let him go once he has developed. If both were cut, other teams would scramble to pick up Tolzien, and I doubt anyone would go after Flynn. Go Pack go! :)

    • Mike Glennon from Tampa Bay would be a huge upgrade behind A-Rod. he has a ton of upside and Tampa Bay doesn’t seem to want him.

  5. Flynn has proved time and time again over the years why he is the beat choice as back up. When it comes down to it Flynn can pull through when he is called upon. He may not be the highest caliber play caller but he is the best for the Packers

  6. I think the packer scouts can look at this years draft and where Green Bay stands to possibly get a quarter back that can be brought up to take Aaron’s job when he leaves that won’t break the salary cap so we can get other players we need now to help the pack win a super bowl with Rodgers.

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