Does a Ty Go to Montgomery?

Ty Montgomery Training CampTy Montgomery was a little late arriving at training camp, but he’s not only made up for lost time, he’s made quite a stir.

Is it enough to unseat Adams for the number three receiver position, or is it just a lot of training camp hype?

The biggest play Ty has made at training camp that has caused people to really sit up and take notice is a short pass where he juked speedy veteran Sam Shields and waltzed into the end zone. Sam was not shy about commenting on just how quick Montgomery was on that play.

There are other things that have really impressed the Packer brass and have Packer fans all abuzz. Though he entered camp late, Montgomery has gotten up-to-speed rather quickly. He asks a ton of questions as he tries to wrap his head around his responsibilities.

There might be many…

When he was drafted, many touted Ty as a larger Randall Cobb, and he has been used much like Cobb during this training camp. He’s returned kickoffs, lined up at receiver, caught a shovel pass out of the backfield and run the ball on an end around. TT and MM do love their versatile players. Don’t they?

Still, I don’t see Montgomery beating out Adams for the number three position. Not as much has been made of Adams this training camp but McCarthy has praised his progress since last season. Davante will make another step forward (especially in his timing with Aaron) and will continue to be our third receiver.

But, Montgomery’s early success means he will be dangerous in the return game and, as the season wears on, will add an absolutely frightening presence to the Packers’ four receiver sets.

Does a Ty Go to Montgomery?
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