One Offensive Category That Needs Improvement

arodThe Packers’ offense was a juggernaut in 2015 and as training camp continues (don’t forget to catch the daily Tweet-cap) after practice today) they look to make 2015 even better. It is difficult to find weaknesses in an offense like the Packers. Aaron Rodgers has the fastest release in the league, elite accuracy, veteran savvy, and the best back-shoulder pass in the game. Add to that the fact that the Packers are returning all starters and our elite quarterback will be protected by the same offensive line and he will be throwing to the same elite receivers and handing off to the same elite running back. But there is one area that this offense needs to improve. 

In 2014, the Packers redzone touchdown percentage was just over 57%, which was a marked improvement from 2013. This is not a bad percentage (it is hard to find anything to complain about the Packers offense) and was even better at home but was low enough that the Packers were not in the top ten in this category. Hovering outside the top ten is not a place the Packers’ offense will likely put up with and with Richard Rodgers and Davante Adams coming back for a second year, along with the addition of several prospective talents like (also returning) Jeff Janis and rookie Ty Montgomery, the Packers look to get the red zone touchdown percentage up into the top five.

Now a lot of the touchdown scoring percentage could be due to the fact that the Packers scored frequently from well aaron bearsoutside the redzone. Also, the level of competition would have to be factored in as the Packers faced the Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, and the Seattle Seahawks (twice) including the playoff run. This year, however, with McCarthy giving up play-calling duties, there will be a renewed focus on getting in the endzone when the Packers’ offense gets inside the 20. Contrary to what most of the national media (and some in Packernation) seem to think, it was the Packers’ inability to score touchdowns in the red-zone (33.33%) that led to the eventual loss, not the special teams. The special teams gaffs are inexcusable for sure, but they would not have amounted to a loss if the Packers had been able to punch the ball into the endzone from the red zone more.

With a newly adjusted and focused coaching staff, several players coming into their second year, and some exciting new faces on the team, the Packers should jump into the top ten in touchdown percentage in the red zone in 2015. If they do that, an elite offense could become a record-breaking one.

Go Pack!

One Offensive Category That Needs Improvement
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