Dom Capers Under Fire

20130911-104445.jpgFor several seasons now, Dom Capers has been under fire. Packer fans everywhere are calling for his head on a silver platter. I think that’s an over reaction. Here’s why…

Since Capers arrived at Green Bay, the Packers have actually had a very good defense. Dom arrived in 2009. From that time through 2012, the Packers have ranked #4 in points allowed (19.3) and #4 in overall TDs (138). Granted they took a step backward in 2012 in the points allowed category, giving up 21.0 points per game. Still, they ranked #11 in the league.

Remove the 2012 defensive stumble and the Packers rank #1 in TDs allowed from 2009-2011 with 101.

In both 2009 and 2010, the Pack had a top ten scoring defense. In 2011, the Packers won the turnover battle or tied it in every single game.

All of this says we have a pretty good defensive coordinator.

With all of that said, it still alarms me that in three of four post seasons the Packers’ defense has not gotten the job done. Playoff production is one of the things that has Bart Starr ranked above other Packer QBs in my mind. When the playoffs arrived, Bart was unstoppable. That’s something we’d like to see out of this defense and really haven’t seen yet.

The core question that comes to my mind when I see people calling for Capers to be fired is…

Who would you choose to replace him? And, the answer of “anyone” just won’t cut it. If the Packers are going to fire Dom Capers, they have to have a name in mind. So, who would the Packers pick that could post the numbers listed above or better them and also have a great showing every time the playoffs arrive?

Show me that person and I’ll be happy to jump on board the fire Capers wagon. Until then, I think firing Dom is a bit of an overreaction.

Dom Capers Under Fire
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3 thoughts on “Dom Capers Under Fire

  • September 11, 2013 at 11:16 pm

    I understand your point. I must also add that in my opinion, they could never release Dom without:
    1. Finding a defensive coordinator who can surpass Coach Caper’s knowledge of the defense Green Bay is currently running because….
    2. A scheme change is not in the cards, especially after investing massive resources in acquiring 3-4 defensive talent in the draft.

    Yes, Clay Matthews could find a home in a 4-3 scheme, and I’m sure Nick Perry and Mike Neal could transition back to playing end, but there’s just too much MONEY tied up in the big guys.
    Also, WHO do you bring in?? The next great defensive mind is not standing in front of Shopko holding a “will work for food” sign. He’s either an assistant in the NFL somewhere, coaching a college team, or he’s Greg Mattison, who is not leaving Michigan anytime soon. Any of which would be a massive gamble on time when we love to speak of Aaron Rodgers and our “window of championship opportunity”.
    I read “Ask Vic” with regularity and he loves to coin the phrase “players not plays”. If there is anything wrong with the defense right now, it’s a lack of top shelf talent at Safety. Breakdowns in communication were obvious in last weeks loss to S.F. and that starts and ends with the absence of Morgan Burnett and the obvious hole left unfilled by the injury of Nick Collins. Can’t blame Ted for everything. He drafted some help with pass rush, and running back. Someone name a team that has an all pro at every position…… anyone?

  • September 15, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    First of all, my “who” would be Lovie Smith. Who knows the Packers defense weaknesses better? I know he said he’s taking time off, and maybe he wouldn’t take the job out of loyalty to Chicago. Second, anyone can compile stats to make a team/player seem good or bad with few exceptions. Third, the Packs defense does not work as a unit and haven’t since their last Superbowl win. They have great players, but they all seem concerned with individual stats (ints & sacks). The corners give way to much cushion on the snap, their zone coverage is just sloppy, and most of the line seems like they have on blinders. I realize there has been a “what have you done for me lately” attitude coming from the fans, but given the points given last year, three losses to the same team in a year, and giving the opposing qb two records against your defense (greatest embarrassment’ s since Michael Vick came into Lambeau), how can they not look for somebody? The “who” question remains, but it can’t be answered if they’re not looking for answers elsewhere.

  • November 29, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    Still feeling the need to defend Capers today? Statistics can be used to show anything, its the production on the field, preparedness, ability to change schemes when they don’t work. The defense has been a step slow, out of position unable to dominate since the last SB year. Capers needs to go now and Mike McCarthy should be told he has the last four games to save his job as well.


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