Don’t Make us Wait: It’s Time to Retire Brett Favre’s Jersey!

Well Packernation, it appears that our hopes of a Fan/Favre reunion have once again been dashed. Word brettjerseymemecame out today from the NFL Network that the Packers are NOT planning to retire Brett Favre’s jersey this coming season…and the reason…the reason…is that it is feared he will be boo’ed. That’s right, basically the blame is going to land on the fans…they don’t believe we can forgive and forget. Even Aaron Rodgers wants Brett back and yet there are still enough unforgiving fans to make the organization nervous. Well GPN is NOT gonna take this sitting down so we have put together a petition to prove to the Packers organization that we are ready  to cheer the stars out of the sky above Lambeau Field if they will retire Brett’s jersey THIS SEASON!

So click on the link and let us know you’re ready to CHEER!

Scroll down for the submit button:

We want to hear from those members of Packernation who want Brett’s number retired. We don’t know what the response will be but if it is convincing, we plan to send the results to the Packers organization so DON’T wait…sign now! Mark Murphy said that the reaction of the crowd could be an issue and he was worried because “You can’t control 80,750 people.” So let’s get 80,000 plus e-signatures and try to get that jersey retired!


Don’t Make us Wait: It’s Time to Retire Brett Favre’s Jersey! — 120 Comments

  1. the packers need to decide when to retire his number . otherwise we would be bowing to his non sense again. if he doesn’t show up so what

  2. The man gave us fans many years of exciting football he was not ready to stop playing but the Packers were not gonna let him play here so I for one do not blame him for wanting to be traded. It is what any player would have done so no hard feelings here! He deserves to retire a Packer for all he did while playing here just saying.

      • This was a business decision, Keep Brett for a couple more years and lose our next franchise QB to free agency? Where would we be now without Aaron Rodgers? He was the steal of the draft that year predicted to go in the top 5 and fell in our lap! True packer fans see and realize the dilemma and understand!! Bring Brett home!!!! Nobody wanted see what happen but it did it’s the nature of the business.

    • I agree entirely. He gave us the most exciting and entertaining football ever played. Thanks Brett. Retire #4 forever.

    • A Packer fan for over 50 years, I have cheered them on from New York because of the quality of their players, their owners, and their organization. True Packer fans want Brett back. He is the latest in our long history of greatness and deserves that recognition. The situation with Aaron Rogers should not result in blame on either Aaron or Brett. It is regrettable but understandable that the organization made the change. But if the team refuses to recognize Favre’s unmatched contributions to Green Bay then it will only show them to have become a classless organization.

      Retire #4 into the Packer Hall of Fame. Thanks Brett !!

    • The thing everyone needs to remember. We were what the Browns are today before Brett Favre. No Brett means no Reggie White equals no Super Bowl.

    • You Are So Right, Jeff. I Said That All Along. Don’t Blame Brett For Management Stupidity. He Was Forced Out Because He Wasn’t Ready To Quit Playing Football. Bring Him Back And If People Boo Him Then They Are Not True Packer Fans.

    • Brett gave us many ELECTRIC years as the QB of the GREATEST TEAM IN THE FREAKIN HISTORY OF THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!!! Brett helped to bring home a Lombardi Trophy to TITLETOWN! He DESERVES to RETIRE AS A PACKER – and his NUMBER and JERSEY SHOULD BE RETIRED!!! Yes, “Football is a business” but the GREEN BAY PACKERS are the TEAM OF THE AGES with the CLASSIEST FANS ON THE PLANET – IT’S TIME to DEMONSTRATE to the rest of the fotbal world that we can honor a guy who halped to bring greatness to LAMBEAU FIELD, the Shareholders and the FANS of the HOLY GREEN AND GOLD!!

  3. It’s time to pay the man his dues! Favre not only won a Super Bowl, he was also clearly a critical component in mentoring Aaron Rodgers. He left Lambeau with countless accomplishments for the franchise and we essentially had a decade of success due in large part to #4. Let’s not forget that the NFL is a business and Favre knew his time was coming to an end in Green Bay. You can’t fault the man for wanting to continue playing. That’s just not fair. Thank you Favre for the many years of success!

  4. It is time to move on. He did great things for the packer organization. Can not forget the great seasons of football and the Super Bowl. I still have 2 of his jerseys and will not get rid of them. Towards the end of his career, he had to move on, like many players do. A person can not fault him for that. He deserves to have his number retired. He did earn it.

  5. He deserves it,he gave us all those great years.wish could of been better there at the end but $hit happens!Both franchise and Favre are guilty of the bad ending!Favre’s been my all time favorite quarterback.he could get you on the edge of your seat with some of he throws,he love the game and this household loved to watch him play! Thank you for Favre

  6. He is the only quarterback you would be woo hoo one minute and be cussin the next he was the most exciting quarterback to watch NO BODY BUT GREEN BAY PACKERS FAN SHOULD BE ABLE TO CALL HIM THEIR QUARTERBACK HE has earn the right to retire with the Greatest Football Team with the World Greatest Fan Green Bay Packers!!!!!!!

  7. They need to stop dragging their feet and just retire his jersey.I grew up watching him as our quarterback,he was and still is my favorite Packer!!!

  8. I have never seen any reason at all why these wonderful fans would boo someone who has given us sooooo much!!! I think it is time for a reunion!!
    Thank you!!! And Go Pack Go

  9. I’m a New York Packers fans since college. I first started watching the Packers in the 90s BECAUSE of Brett Favre and I’ve loved them ever since. It’s time.

  10. I grew up in Chicago now I’m living in Texas, but Brett is the reason why I became a Packers fan. So Please!!!!! Please do a one day contract so he can retire as a packer and retire his #4

  11. I think Brett’s number should be retired and he should be brought back for a 1 day contract so he can officially retire as a Packer!!!!

  12. The time is now, i am a Packers fan first, and a player fan 2nd. I did not like what happen, but it is time to forgive and remember what a great player he was for us, and what he did for the Green Bay Packers.

  13. Brett did a lot for the Packers and the fans that truly are Packer fans appreciate him for truly being a Packer in our hearts. I still have a poster of him up. I also have Aaron up too ! Brett will always have his records and I feel YES of course his jersey should be retired !! I would love to be there too ! Always a fan !

  14. He will go down in history as one of the greatest football players of all time. With or without the packers office recognizing that. His greatest games were played as a packer in greenbay, and would be a huge dishonor to past, present and future greenbay packer fans to not see that #4 jersey hanging in the stadium forever.

  15. I was born a Packer, raised a Packer and will die a Packer….. Do the right thing and retire the number, he deserves it

  16. He was a good Quarterback player and very nice person because he care about disability people and it is about time to retire his number with the packers.

  17. If you can’t forgive Brett Favre and just remember all the great things he did for Packer Nation you are not a real Packer fan. Please Mark, retire #4 this year.

  18. Lets all remember all the good he did. We waited 30years to get in the super bowl again. He did that for us. Lets not dwell on a few bad decisions.

  19. Time to “move on”. Recognize Brett for the great years he gave us and focus on our potential this year.

  20. God forgives & so do Packet fans, give Favre his jersey retired ! The man was a great player & earned his Packer glory!

  21. I’ve been a Packer fan a long time. Brett was an outstanding player for the Packers and always will be considered so no matter what!!

  22. Come on, Ted! The man won 3 MVP’s and led us to three consecutive NFC Championships, played in two Super Bowls and won one of them! And he cried when he left Green Bay, he never cried when he left New York, I mean, New Jersey and Minnesota. You know he loves us, and we all love him deep-down. Quit delaying the inevitable!

  23. God Bless the man. He did so much for us. We love him because he really is one of us…warts and all. This is not a one way dynamic though. Brett needs to want this, to forgive…and also show his appreciation and humility. The sooner the better but this is one of those things that cant be forced.

  24. I understand both sides of this coin. But it’s time to quit being butt hurt over his leaving and playing for Minnesota. He gave more than enough of his heart to Green Bay to be denied what he’s earned. Period. Time to let childish bygones lay in the past it’s over. Retire his number. He earned. He was , is , and always be a Packer no matter where he went after.

  25. He’s been one of the best at Green Bay…. So many special moments… And he played his heart out.
    Please forgive and forget. Retire his number

  26. Leave the Politics out..# 4 Deserves to be Retired and Cheered this year !! Thank you Brett for All You Did for Green n Gold Packer Nation !

  27. I’m a a share holder from Cali.. Been a Packer fan from day 1….the only jersey I own so far is Brett’s …. Luv my Packers!!!

  28. I am a faithful and very avid Packer Fan and even though I feel Brett didn’t handle his exit from the Packers and last years in the NFL very well; the Packers Management made some mistakes as well. Brett who wears his emotions on his sleeve and said and did some things he shouldn’t have still gave the Packers some very good years. Brett has even finally admitted that he had a large roll in the bad blood departure from the Packers. It is my feeling that if Brett and the Management have finally worked through their differences and Brett would like to come back and be a part of the Packer Nation then the Fans should also let bygones be bygones. His number should be retired and the Packer fans should treat him with respect. If you can’t bring yourself to Clap and Cheer for him, keep your mouth closed and allow the other fans to enjoy the day. That means no Booing, no bad signs and , no throwing things.

  29. It’s long over due, retiring the Ironmans jersey, It’s because of Brett Favre excitement and Championships were brought back to Packer Nation, Lets get
    This done 2014 and Give us the fans another exciting year on retiring #4s Jersey.

  30. favre gave us years of beatiful touch downs and terrible interceptions the fans of the packernation have lived and died with this man why cant we all see what we need to see farve come to the end of a era and hang up then number 4 and truly hand the reins of to aaron rodgers once and for all i love you farve you have a space in my heart always

  31. No one hates Brett! He brought great football back to greenbay all he wanted to do was play some more and he couldn’t in greenbay it was Arron’s turn Now is the time

  32. I have been a Packer Backer for over 40 years. I have not gotten the opportunity to be at a game or Lambeau Field..I have never deviated from my alliance to the Packers, since my earliest memories of Lynn Dickey Days..I would LOVE the chance to get to a game, as my wife and I both enjoy the game. It would be a very poetic finish to have Brett’s Jersey and Number RETIRED…He brought plenty of excitement to the field for all to enjoy..It was a sad day to see him in a Viking uniform, but he did show he was not ready for retirement just yet, as he had a good year with them, just missing the big game..He is definitely going to be a Hall of Famer, why not finish his career properly with Green Bay..

  33. Brett Will Always Be The Best Packer Quarterback Ever. Brett Wasn’t Ready To Retire And Aarón Was Tired Of Waiting In The Wings For Brett To Retire So He Gave Them A Choice To Choose Between Him
    And Brett. They Chose Aarón Beside He Was Younger, But Don’t Blame Brett For Wanting To Play More Instead Of Retiring. I Would Welcome Him Back With Open Arms.

    And Brett. They Close Aarón Beside He Was Younger And They Didn’t Want To Lose Him To Another Team. I Don’t Blame Aarón Either Beside He Wanted To Play. Don’t Blame Brett

  34. We need Brett back in lambeau as a packer lets all forget about the Viking thing we all know Vikings will always suck so let’s put his name in lambeau

  35. It is about time he gets the respect due to him for giving us fans his all for 16 years….wasn’t his fault they retired him when he still wanted to play. He was so much fun to watch with his joy of playing football.

  36. YES PLEASE RETIRE his # he deserves it he was a awesome quarterback!!!!! Yeah he did some things I as a HUGE fan of Brett but it doesnt change the fact on what he did for the Packers!!! We still LOVE U BRETT!!!!!!!

  37. It is time to give Brett the honor he deserves. He wanted to continue to play and the Pack needed to keep Rodgers. How many premier NFL players played their last game for a different team? Brett should be cheered and welcomed as he was for so many years as he brought the Packers into constant contention for the Super Bowl. Anyone who boo’s Brett ought to be BOOted out of Lambeau.

  38. Look forget the trade situation and him retiring and unretiring. Brett Favre is the greatest gb packer qb. It is long overdue and Brett deserves this he gave greenbay superbowls championships etc. mark shit or get off the pot!!! I think you need to give the man his dues….he deserves it. He won it. He earned it. Aaron is our proven leader now but the man behind even his success was Brett Favre and his talents who helped mold our qb…Brett was the longest tenured qb I. The nfl over the span of time even through deaths injuries etc. he brought the packers back to life and I’ll be damned if some dumbass commissioner or gm or management fes different!!! Go take a hike and pit the time and dues Brett did and take those hits he took… Damnit give him his retirement and that no.4 put Into lambeu field you moron!!! Booing,!?! Your a panZy and don’t deserve the job you should be honored to retire that jersey and put that 4 on the wall you ignorant ass!!!! Michael from Atlanta #packerfansince83 #brettfavrebeliever #gopackgo

  39. Brett Favre made me love football. Lot’s of people forget the excitement he brought to the game with his youthful enthusiasm. He is a one-of-a-kind. There isn’t anyone like him playing — anywhere — today.

  40. Our beloved Vince Lombardi left the Packers to coach the Redskins and look how we honor him. Farve deserves no less.

  41. Brett Favre was essentially the foundation that re-built the Packers organization from years of losing seasons. I don’t see how the organization could go through with not retiring his jersey. He was the face of not only the Packers, but he was America’s most popular star for quite some time. Love him or hate him, people stopped what they were doing to watch Brett Favre play the game of football. He will go down as one of the best to ever play in my opinion.

  42. Number 4 is the epitome of what a football player is. He’s big, fearless, creative, durable, doesn’t complain, forgets, and wins. It’s a slap in The Packer Nation face to black ball him. He made the frozen tundra exciting and desirable once again. Yes he left but so did Star and Lombardi and a few others. He did go to the Vikings at least it wasn’t the Bears. He had something left and an NFC championship game gives merit to his decision. FYI we didn’t want him anymore. Didn’t Green Bay turn our backs on him? He did what was best for him and his family. Now it’s our turn to welcome him home with a Statue. Packer for life!!!

  43. Just say NO to #4, don’t come back to GB and don’t retire the number. I remember the parting as, I want to retire=Oh wait I want to play another year and then I will retire- Oh wait I want to play this year and then the last year it was the same. How many times do you play his game. Remember the Giant play off game, Bret on side line spuffing things in his nose, went into the game with zero warmup and threw the pass(yes pass)to the Giant player for a touchdown. Bret,previously had said,some games you just want it to end and he ended that one.

    • Hey Bob why are you even posting if you can’t spell his name correctly? Think of all the packer teams he took from mediocre to title contenders

  44. Please, please bring Brett back to retire his number and give him the recognition he deserves………Brett Favre (the gunslinger) one of the best ever!!! We love him!!!

  45. I would love to see Bret Favre’s #4 Jersey and would buy the ticket for that ceremony! I am a Packers Partners Member.

  46. I’ve been a packer fan in Texas for ever now my 3 year old daughter is one too Brett was my QB and now Arron is my daughters QB

  47. I was born and raised a Packer fan. Yes they should retire Bret’s #4.He was one of Green Bay’s Great Quarter Backs!

  48. The man gave everything he had to the organization and brought it back as a constant contender. He wanted to come back and the packers organization said no that they wanted to move on. Anyone who would even think about booing him after all he did for the packers isn’t a true fan and should be ashamed of themselves. The man played every game with the excitement of an 8 year old kid. It’s time that his jersey is retired and he has his special day

  49. It’s time to forgive and move on. Brett gave us many wonderful years. Who can say they weren’t pumped every time he played!!

  50. I DO Think it is time to RETIRE Bret’s #4 I am a Packers Partners Member as well as a Share Holder I think this needs to be done Before he go’s into the Foot Ball Hall of Fame!

  51. Brett was the best, and deserves the best! Please make us all PACKER FANS HAPPY! Brett made us who we are today….

  52. When he played for the Vikings against the Pack he lost his right for any Packer honors. I will always be a Packer fan and as much as I used to love him I would be booing as loud as I could.

  53. I’ll never hate on the man for his post-Green Bay career decisions, He always has been one of the great Packer legends in my eyes, and needs to have his number retired in Lambeau. He brought us back into the spotlight and made the Packers a force to reckoned with. Ever since he took the field for Don Majkowski and gave us a legendary upset over the Bengals, every team since has known that when they have to take on the Pack, they’re in for a hell of a fight. Retire him in Green Bay!

  54. He was a great player who enjoyed the game of football. He gave the Packers so much…put them back on championship road..He deserves the honor and respect of each of us as Packer fans…I for one enjoyed each and every game he played in…even if we lost…Please give him this honor he so richly and unselfishly gave us…thanks Brett for great memories from a devoted Packer fan and football enthusiast

  55. I have lived in New Bedford,MA.all my life and have been a TRUE Green Bay Packer fan since the very first Super Bowl which we know Green Bay beat Kansas City and also the second Super Bowl when they beat Oakland.My point is I continued to watch every game that was televised in my area which weren’t on to often until the 1990′s when Brett Favre started QB for the Pack.The time has come for this Green Bay Hall of Famer’s Number 4 to be retired at Lambeau Field. Even the Great Vince Lombardi did retire in Green Bay but his soul is in TITLE TOWN..and so should BRETT”S

  56. The comments on this article and every other article concerning Favre clearly point out that many fans will boo him at such an event. I’m not one of those fans, I’d love to have his number retired and will always be a fan of Brett Favre. But I can’t vote to have his number retired now, knowing there are classless fans who would boo him. And I can’t stand the “true fans” argument for either side. Packers management split the “true” fans on this issue in 2008 with their decision to “move on” without Favre. Some day Rodgers will write his book, which I look forward to reading. Did he ever mention to Packers management that he would seek FA if not given the starting job? He surely never did publicly. And if he did give that ultimatum, he’s a bigger diva than Favre is accused of being. I sincerely doubt Rodgers leaving was ever an issue. Any way you slice it, the Packers would have been a better team with Favre in ’08/’09 as a starter or backup, than they were without him. I hope this gets sorted some day, but Favre seems in no hurry to get it done so I’m not either.

  57. Farve was the man. He played his best years with us as a packer n the franchise would be idiots to not honor one of the greatest players that played the game. His no should b retired in the one true place he still calls home lambeau field

  58. Keep messing around and Minnesota will want him to retire it there and steel what was the best qb we had in our past

  59. I mean seriously the guy have his heart and soul for us he deserves to retire his jersey where he made himself a legacy he deserves it it’s time come home Brett

  60. I have watched the Packers and been a fan for 50+ years. Never been to a game – would love to of course. Bret played his best years with the Packers. The years he played brought back memories of past wins. Great memories. He should be retired at Lambeau field.

  61. Brett was the guy that got me watching Green Bay years ago, and was a phenomenal player. I just don’t know if the time is right yet…I got rid of all my #4 stuff when he was revealed and it is hard to separate the way he left things still…I think they should wait just a little while longer, so we can forget the ugly and remember the good stuff.

  62. Both the Packers and #4 have said they are ready to retire his number at Lambeau. But remember this, BOTH sides have to agree on a date. The blame doesn’t go on just one side. And no, the Packers never said they aren’t doing it yet because he might/will get booed. They said they’re concerned about it, but that’s it. Agreeing on a date is the biggest reason.

  63. I have been a Packer Backer for 40 years, all of those years I have been a DEVOTED fan, and 16 of them were to Brett Favre. He took us through ups and downs, but, all in all, he was an INCREDIBLE player that deserves the support and recognition for those years he committed to Packer football!!!!!

    Bring him home, and let him retired as a PACKER!!!!!

  64. Brett made the game so much fun. He was a great player. Don’t let a few fans dictate what you should do. As an ex employee of the Packers I would love to see number #4 retired.

  65. I have been a Packer Backer for years. Brett Favre was such an inspiration. He made me laugh, cry and a lot of OMG! Did you see that! Please retire his (4) now, he deserves it and a huge THANK YOU!

  66. Agree as Farve was Who helped bring the Packers to where they are today. Had season tickets since 1967 till My wife and I could no longer attend. Now my son-in-law and daughter have the tickets. Farve deserves to have his number4 retired before he goes into the HALL OF FAME.

  67. Sorry about my mistake on the year. It was 1957 when Stadium opened and that was the year we purchased the first season tickets.

  68. No man ever wants to admit he has lost a step or past his prime. Favre at 70 percent is still better than what 20 other teams have. I hated that he went to Minnesota, but he had his best year statistically, showing he could still play. The NFL is a business, and sometimes that dictates personnel moves. As a fan, I didn’t want to let go of Favre. But it was time for him to ride off into the sunset. For any fan to be mad at Favre is petty. The Packers had gone to crap, and he helped put the franchise back on the map. The split was handled poorly on both sides. Time to activate Favre, trade him back to Green Bay, and retire his jersey. I just hope Mark Murphy doesn’t screw this up…

  69. People you need to get over yourself Brett made the packers and did nothing but good things for them he is truly a hero in my book he deserve to have #4 go down in the Green Bay Packers history books.

  70. Please retire #4 Brett Farve gave everything he had for Packer Nation. Loved to watch him play every sunday and I mean every week he suited up and gave everything he had to win for us.

  71. It’s about time he deserves all the honors bestowed on him and this is one of those honors he truly deserves

  72. Here’s a plan. Have him do one snap in Game 1. Then he retires as a Packer. As it should have been…then we retire his number without issue!

  73. I agree with all the above remarks. he deserves every thing he gets. he earned it. his retirement and his name and number up on the wall of

  74. “The NFL was more fun with Brett Farve in it” Forget all the non-sense and retire his number when they Play the Bears in Lambeau.

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