GPN Weekend Update for the Week of Sept. 20

Packer Weekend Email Update

This week on the Weekend Update…

  • Injury update on Lacy and Adams
  • Mason Crosby milestone
  • Monday night showdown
  • And more..

This Week on Packernation:

This Week on The Cheese:

  • NFL Concerned Injury Outbreak May be Airborne

This Week in Packer Video:

  • Xs and Os With LeRoy Butler
  • Why Should the Packers be Worried About the Chiefs?
  • Packers Chiefs, Thoughts from the Field
  • The Rock Report: All Good on the Health Watch
  • McCarthy Gives Update on Adams and Lacey
  • Rodgers Talks Similarities Between KC and Seattle
  • Packers Chiefs Will Come Down to Protection for Rodgers
  • Packers Seahawks Highlights

This Week in Packer News:

  • Packers vs. Chiefs: Five Key Matchups
  • Infographic: Packers vs. Chiefs Game Preview
  • Packers’ Clay Matthews Again May focus on and Tight End
  • Cory’s Corner: Packers Rush Will Sack Chiefs
  • Five Reasons Why the Packers Will Beat the Seahawks in Week 2
  • Packers’ Jeff Janis Hopes Special-Teams Play Earns Him Time on Offense
  • Groin Injury To Packers LB Mike Neal Resurfaces
  • Green Bay Packer News
  • A Rejuvenated Raji at Nose Tackle is the Best Raji
  • McCarthy Comfortable Playing Eddie Lacey Despite Limited Practice
  • Packers-Chiefs Series History:Green Bay Trails Kansas City 7-2-1 in Regular Season
  • Corey Linsley the Unsung Hero
  • Green Bay Packer News: Mike Pennel
  • Chiefs Unbeaten at Lambeau Field; Rogers Could Reverse Trend
  • Anatomy of a Drive: No-Huddle, no-back set works for Packers
  • Green Bay Packer News: The Packers are Victors
  • Eddie Lacey Has Minor Ankle Sprain, could vs. Chiefs, Per Report
  • This is What We’ve Been Waiting for from First-Round defenders
  • Green Bay Packers Unsung Hero-Jayrone Elliot
  • Packers Linebacker Jayrone Elliot Makes Most of Opportunity
GPN Weekend Update for the Week of Sept. 20

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