Happy Game Day Packer Nation!

Aaron Rodgers Game DayDon’t you just love game day? The summer starts to wind down and things get back into their typical routine. The kids are back in school and you can start to feel the air already cooling in the evenings.

Despite the fact that winning or losing these games mean nothing in our quest for SB 50, this time of year always brings back a ton of warm memories for me.If I go back far enough, I can remember a time when all I really knew about football was that we all got really excited when the team crossed the goal line, and the only football terminology I knew was “touchdown!” Still, I vividly remember donning my green and gold gear and breaking out the Nerf football for a game of two on none in the backyard of our farm in Wisconsin. My brother and I would team up against the best duo the NFL could throw at us and we always won because… well… we were Packers.

As we grew, those games became matchups that included cousins and were only held at halftime because we were glued to the television the entire game.

When I got older and had kids of my own, I had the delight of racing out to the back yard at half time with all the kids and neices and nephews so we could sneak in a quick family game before getting back inside to watch the team.

I have so many memories that revolve around the Packers and I’m sure you do too. What’s your favorite Packer memory? Let us all know in the comments below.

Go Pack Go!

Happy Game Day Packer Nation!
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