Immortal Inspiration: Part I

Need inspiration? What better place to find it than in the words of our immortal coach Vince Lombardi. We will be bringing you inspiring quotes from Vince up until gametime. Check them out and share them with your friends.

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Immortal Inspiration: Part I — 7 Comments

  1. I’ve been a Packer fan my whole life. I’ll be 59 in April. It was tough being a Packer fan in most of the 70s and 80s, but recently it’s been a joy. Go Pack go. Let’s put another Super Bowl trophy in the Packer Hall of Fame!!!

  2. I was breed born and raised a Packer Fan I am 52 years old and will be a loyal Green Bay Packer Fan till im Dead &cold got a tattoo on my right forearm to show my love for the Packers. They will always be the real America’s Team to me

    • I have been a life long Packers fan also (and Dallas hater) since 1961. Living in the south through the 70’s and 80’s was tough. I remember one Christmas a relative got my eldest son a Dallas coat and hat….made great start up for a fire and I replaced it with a Packers coat and hat. My children are now grown and they and their families are all Packer fans here in Arkansas. They are Gods team to me as well as Americas team. In fact Lombardi was my reason for becoming a teacher and coach. I love my Green Bay Packers!

  3. I’ve been a Packer fan since 1957. I’m 79 and a Packer fan for life. I remember some barren years after Lombardi until Holmgren and Farve. With Aaron we’ll be great for a long time.

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