One Thing Aaron Rodgers Can NOT Do

real12thmanWhen we think of Aaron Rodgers, we think about all the things he can do. He can climb the pocket to find and open receiver, he can scramble and throw accurately on the run, and, if need be, he can gain the extra yardage himself with his legs. Aaron Rodgers can do it all. But I think the thing that most impresses me about Aaron is not what he can do, but what he can not do.

If Brett Favre was a gunslinger…Aaron Rodgers is a surgeon. What I loved about Brett was that every play was exciting and gave us a chance to break one. What I love about Aaron is the same…with one exception. That exception is the one thing that, as far as I am concerned, Aaron can go ahead and NOT do. That one thing that Aaron can continue to NOT do…is throw interceptions.

What Aaron does do is evident in his passer rating and completion percentage, but what he does not do is throw more than eight interceptions a season in recent memory…like the last four years. And he has not thrown an interception at Lambeau for over two years. The Packers have largely had top tier turnover ratio and keep in mind the amount of turnovers given away is just as important as the amount of takeaways in that ratio. Costly turnovers negate takeaways and give valuable possessions to the opponent. Aaron Rodgers is not arguably the best in this regard…he is the best hands down.

aordSo here’s to Aaron Rodgers and what he can NOT do, keep it up man! We are counting on you for another surgical performance tonight, and another big Packers win.



One Thing Aaron Rodgers Can NOT Do — 4 Comments

  1. 2 things I would like to bring up. #1 is it me or does it feel like the refs are always against the the pack well for the most part? And #2 this is gonna be new territory I believe what I’m gonna say. OK when the ref got in the way of the packer player on a crucial play and his getting in the way turned the falcons probably only 1 yard gain into a definite 1st down why in the he** is the play not called for interference? I would like to also add that if it would have been the super bowl with like 1:37 left and a first down could have won the game for the falcons. Don’t you think that could cause a disruption if not a riot by the opposing team? (Meaning our packers/fans/everyone in Wisconsin) lol food for thought and me venting. Good game otherwise. Go greenbay

  2. Rodgers could have 3 bad years and still lead the league in career QBR. His ability to avoid INTs is simply incredible. But it does come at a price; too many sacks – which could end his season or career, fumbles, putting his punter in some bad situations, putting our D in bad situations, and being taken out of FG range. Sometimes I wish he’d just throw it away in order to live and fight another down. I guess sacks and INTs aren’t necessarily related, but it all comes down to failing to pull the trigger at times, regardless of where you’re aiming. EG: I’d much rather he’d thrown an INT in the Bears game last year than take that hit which knocked him out for 9 weeks.

    Compared with Favre; was it so much worse to throw an INT and remain healthy, instead of punting for basically the same result? I don’t know, but I think it’s worth consideration and Favre isn’t given enough credit in that regard. Not all, by any means, but many of Favre’s INTs were thrown farther down field than our punter could punt. And then there were many which simply bounced off his receivers’ hands (Donald Driver stated in his book that he broke every finger on both hands twice catching Favre passes, and that many catches were out of self preservation).

    With the win tonight, Rodgers tied Favre’s first 100 games record. Both performed very well during that span. But there’s no comparison to the talent surrounding Rodgers over his time to what surrounded Favre in his early years. And he just kept winning anyway.

    As much as I respect and enjoy watching Rodgers play, I don’t enjoy his games nearly as much as I did Favre’s games. Rodgers seems to disappear at times in games, as he did in the 2nd half of tonight’s game (other than the Nelson TD bomb). I can’t remember (maybe selective memory) Favre disappearing in games, or not nearly as often. For better or for worse, Favre always made something happen.

    There’s no doubt that GB and fans have enjoyed some of the greatest QB play in NFL history with Starr, Favre, and now Rodgers. Each of them made plays that the others could not (Starr may not have had Favre’s canon or Rodgers’ accuracy, but he called the right play at the right times better than both). Hard to imagine us striking gold a 4th time, but then no one expected Rodgers to become what he has either. Even Ted Thompson took his chances with Rodgers falling to him in the draft, rather than making a move up to get him. We’re lucky to have, and having been able to keep Aaron Rodgers in GB. But given the choice, I’d rather have a gunslinger and immature QB who (stupidly) runs down the field and picks up his WRs after big plays than a surgeon/military sniper. Go pack go! :)

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