Packer Fans’ Favorite Bench Warmer

Tim Mastay BoredLast season the Packers made punting history… twice.

That begs the question. How many times will they do it in 2015?

Twice in 2014 the Pack was involved in a game where neither team had to punt the ball. That feat had only been accomplished one other time in history, but it happened again twice in 2014. Once against the Bears and once against the Saints.

Of course, sometimes when you make history you only get it half right. We would have loved to see the Packers go puntless while forcing the Bears and the Saints to wear out their punters’ legs.

In addition to sitting Tim Mastay twice in 2014, the Packers also had three games where they only needed him for one punt.

So, it’s time for a little prognostication. How many times to you think Tim Mastay will go puntless in 2015?

Packer Fans’ Favorite Bench Warmer
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