Packer Receivers of History: Carroll Dale

Packers Carroll Dale

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Carroll Dale was drafted in 1960 in the eighth round of the NFL draft. Unfortunately, it was not to the Green Bay Packers. Carol played the first five years of his NFL career with the Los Angeles Rams. Those first five years were rough for Dale. The Rams were a mediocre team at best and he didn’t experience many wins. In fact he only scored seven touchdowns in that first five years.

After five years of mediocrity the Rams traded Dale to the Green Bay Packers in exchange for a linebacker. It was the best move for Dale’s career. 

After five years of losing in Los Angeles Carroll Dale arrived in Green Bay and was suddenly a part of the NFL World Champion Green Bay Packers. He joined the likes of Bart Starr, Jim Taylor, Paul Hornung, Boyd Dowler, and Max McGee on a Packer offense that was nearly impossible to stop.

Dale spent eight season with the Packers. In the years from 1969-1972 he had more receptions than any other Packer receiver. Thirteen times Dale eclipsed the 100 yard mark in a game and once he had over 200 yards receiving. In his eight seasons with the Packers Dale scored 35 touchdowns.

Truth be told, Dale arrived on a Packer squad that was aging. While Boyd Dowler was definitely in his prime, players like Ron Kramer and Max McGee had seen a decline in their productivity.

In 1966, the Packers were seeking to make it back to back world championships. The surprise hero of the game was Max McGee, but Carroll Dale made his own contribution to the Packers securing the trophy for the first ever Super Bowl. In Super Bowl I, Dale caught 4 passes for 59 yards. The following year he contributed 4 catches for 43 yards.

While Kramer and McGee were winding up their careers, Dale Carroll and Boyd Dowler were gearing their up. They made quite the receiving tandem and in 1969 they each passed the 100 yard mark and score two touchdowns in a single game. That achievement was not matched again until 2014 when Nelson and Cobb led a potent Packer aerial attack all the way to within four minutes of a Super Bowl appearance.

After eight seasons with the Packers, Dale wrapped up his career with the Minnesota Vikings and appeared in a final Super Bowl. Unlike his first two Super Bowls, that Super Bowl appearance ended in disappointment, but it was the culmination of a great career.

In 1979, Carroll Dale joined a myriad of outstanding football players as he was inducted into the Packer Hall of Fame.

Packer Receivers of History: Carroll Dale
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