Packers Can’t Afford to Let Slide Continue

Aaron Rodgers INT PercentageThe Green Bay Packers’ offense has been a 3 and out machine lately. But as disappointing as the Lions game was, there were some positives that may help them in this NFC North stretch. A few guys are coming on, and just in time. No matter what the players say about this game being “just the next game”, this upcoming Vikings game is critical for the Packers’ goals this season and this offense can no longer afford to let the slide continue. 

In general, I have been looking for one of these young receivers to step up and become a play-maker. With Jordy out, there has been ample opportunity but nobody really took the reins. In particular, we have all been waiting for Davante Adams to show why Aaron Rodgers believes him to be a potential Pro Bowl player. Sunday’s game saw him get 10 catches and average 7.9 per catch and really become a threat. At the same time, Adams had opportunities including the touchdown pass on the initial drive that was overthrown and the late pass to the endzone that upon further review was a good play on the part of the defense. So Davante did not become the hero in the Lions game even though he had the opportunity, but he certainly was productive, and with the Lions in the past and the Vikings on the horizon, we will need him yet again.

Justin Perillo, with 5 catches for 58 yards and a touchdown had a breakout game. He and R. Rodgers have been effective when needed down the middle of the field. But the Packers don’t seem to want to go that route until late in the game. Our tight ends have had critical catches all year up the seam but we have always gone to them late. The play of Perillo makes me wonder if the Packers shouldn’t work the tight ends to the middle of the field earlier, and then work the sidelines as the defense adjusts. At any rate, Perillo had a career game and built some confidence. Again, we will need all hands on deck versus the Vikings.

And last but certainly not least…Jared Abbrederis. Abbrederis’ first catch was a little bit Jordy-esque by the way he exploited the body position of the defender who sold out down field and picked up the back and out, a beautiful pass by Aaron Rodgers. Abby had 4 catches for 57 yards and showed that he was money in critical situations. Just have to hope he is OK…the shot he too looked to me like a helmet to helmet and Abby is apparently still feeling it and being evaluated. I expect him to play and if he does…I expect Aaron will go to him more often.

Well, the Packers wide receiver corps caught a lot of passes on Sunday, with 5 recievers (incl. Rodgers and Starks) catching 5 or more balls (Abby with 4). And while it is no excuse, the amount of PI’s in this game that were missed was exorbitant. But at the same time, there were too many missed throws and too many critical drops. We are out of time. There is no more “learning curve”, there are no more excuses. This Vikings game coming up must include better protection, better passes, and our receivers need to catch the ball. Who will step up? Well, all of them I hope.

Go Pack!


Packers Can’t Afford to Let Slide Continue
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