Packers to “Git Er Done” Against the Patriots

While everyone is billing this game as a Super Bowl preview and a shoot out between the two best Lacy TouchdownQB’s in the NFL and it may very well be, I believe this game will come down to who can stop the run and run the ball. With that said I think Lacy has his best game of the season with 100+ yards on the ground and its very possible he gets 100+ in the air as well. The Packers will need to keep Matthews in the middle for the most part this game to stop Blount or Gray in the run game and cover Gronk on his short crossing routes him and Brady run so well.

I’m sorry for you Hawk lovers but the man is a “has been” or in my opinion a “never was”! He looked so slow in the Vikings game a little old lady could have run past him. All the man is good for now is reading a offense and knowing what defense to put in place but other than that he is just a dead spot in the middle! I really hope Lattimore/Barrington can step up their game soon to replace this man.
ajNow back to the QB’s, I know the Pats have two great corners in Revis and Browner but I think Cobb and Nelson are too good for these guys to shut down, All Rodgers needs is a small window to put it on them and they will create them throughout this game for some big plays. As for Brady I will not take anything away from this man he is a future HOF’er and still plays stellar ball, BUT he is not mobile and the Packers know this, They will put pressure on him this game by send Matthews up the middle where the Pats have been weak at stopping the rush and Brady will have no where to go…This means he will need to get the ball out fast, If Perry is able to play this game and Matthews is able to stay in the middle on coverage while he rushes along with Peppers from the edge and Daniels up the middle I believe it will be too much for Brady to handle.
We all know Belichick is one of the best at adjustments so McCarthy/Capers better bring their A game for this one or they could get out coached. But if they call a great game and the players execute as we all know they’re capable of the Packers should win this one walking away.
Besides this is Aaron’s house and no one has come in here to mess his place up yet this year :)
Packers win 45-31
Go Pack Go!
Packers to “Git Er Done” Against the Patriots
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2 thoughts on “Packers to “Git Er Done” Against the Patriots

  • November 29, 2014 at 10:11 pm

    I don’t disagree with your assessment of Hawk, just the lack of respect. He is a good leader & captain of the defense & he’s good @ keeping plays in front of him but his weakness is lack of speed & pass coverage, I wouldn’t even think of having him cover Gronk in any way. I’m sure he will be phased out after this year.

    • November 29, 2014 at 11:28 pm

      Mike I give respect when it is due but Hawk has not even come close to fulfilling his draft status! He was drafted aas a game changer ILB and he never has been..Granted he has been reliable and always on the field and even at times showed he could play at a high level but over the years he has not been what he was drafted for plain and simple!


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