Post-Game R&R: Rants and Raves

Let me start with saying, “Hell yeah” With this win and the Lions losing the Packers are now on top Morgan Burnettof the NFC North once again, A spot they have not owned solo since the Bears game of 2013, Now they control their own destiny.
I knew this was going to be a tough game as all division games usually are, It doesn’t matter what their records say, The teams know each other so well from having to play twice a year every year it is always tough to get these wins.

Teddy Bridgewater made quite a few throws that just missed their mark, plus, I saw at least eight passes his receivers dropped that would have been big plays, If they make those plays and Teddy makes better tosses the outcome of this game could have been different. With that said, The secondary played very poorly in this game and will need to play a lot better next week because Brady will not miss his marks if given time to throw he has Gronk back now who is having a great year so far.
Now let me rant a little about the penalties, I believe the ref’s were pro Vikings this game it seemed they called everything they could see on the Packers but turned a blind eye when it came to PI calls on the Vikings!  There were at least three pass interference plays I saw that should have been called, McCarthy even about jumped out of his shoes screaming that Jordy was fouled on one play :)
But the ref’s did not miss much when the Pack played physical, they had two big plays called back for holding and one for a block in the back which really hurt the Packers getting into their rhythm.  I sure hope they don’t draw this crew for next week because these ref’s should not have jobs in the NFL.
Eddy Lacy brings the thunder.

Eddy Lacy brings the thunder.

Okay back to raving, How about the hammer? Eddie Lacy was a beast this game running for 125 yards with 25 carries and 2 TD’s, One was a shuffle pass from Rodgers but Lacy did what he does best, He lowered his shoulders and turned up field and barreled 12 yards on his way into the end zone.

Finally we have to say “Rodgers” to Rodgers on a one yard TD pass that probably actually went 20 yards in the air lol, “Rogers That”
Let me close out by saying it’s these type of games that build character in a team, They fought through adversity and came out winners, I know as a fan I was glued to the TV.
Go Pack!


Post-Game R&R: Rants and Raves — 2 Comments

  1. I have been absolutely FURIOUS at the refs in this game. HORRIBLE! Can not something be done to ensure that this doesn’t happen again? They were OBVIOUSLY biased. Could have also possibly cost the Packers their place in history of a 3rd consecutive 50 point game! I am STILL fuming.

  2. Only thing that can be done Leah is Ted would have to send the commissioner a grievance letter stating his concern about the crew that refereed the game and then he would look at the film to make a decision on whether they intentionally called a bad game. If found guilty they would lose their jobs then. Which IMO is exactly what should happen because it was obvious that these refs were pro Vikings this game!

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