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IMG_0850.JPGUgly win? Is there such a thing? The final score was 30-20 is the sight of this ugly?

The offense may not have dominated like fans would like to see but they did enough to win and that’s what counts!

If we take a look at the four games they lost this year three of them were lost in the final seconds by either a FG or a missed TD pass to win. The only game they really out right lost was to Denver so the bottom line is that this team is on the edge of being a dominant playoff contender or if you’re a doubter you could go the other way and say it’s a one and done team. I prefer to look at them as a “doing whatever it takes to win” team!

The defense came out firing on all cylinders with two interceptions which put 14 points on the board early in the first quarter. Barring a few big plays to Cooper the DB’s played very well, Capers game plan from the start was to obviously stop the run by playing single high safety which led to Cooper being single man covered by Randall. In the long run it paid off but in my opinion they should of had two high with a double team on Cooper but I am not a DC for a good reason~

The only rant I have for the defense this game would be the pass rush, Capers was rushing three for the most part and dropping the rest in zone, this gave Carr plenty of time in the pocket, I would have liked to seen a few more blitz’s this game.

How about Bryan Bulaga? He held Mack to just one sack which really was a shoestring tackle when Rodgers left the pocket so while it went down in the books as one I personally don’t consider it a sack, for Bulaga to accomplish this he gets my golden ball for the game!

James Jones played well once again but it was Jared Abbrederis who stepped up his game and from the looks of it overtook Janis as the #4 receiver this game. Janis joined the crew as a dropsie receiver when he had a sure first down on a slant and let the ball go right through his hands, Richard Rodgers was another big disappointment with dropped passes along with Adams. I know it was wet conditions but these guys need to catch the ball. On a positive note for Janis he did have another great kick off return to give the offense good field position!

Speaking of wet conditions it was the same last week when McCarthy leaned on the run game and did very well but this game Lacy and Starks combined for 19 carries which surprised me. I believe Lacy needs to get at least that many touches by himself. Starks was running well but once again coughed up the ball for the third time in as many games. The run game needs a chance to get rolling and 19 touches between two players doesn’t fit the program.

Anyway, this was a much needed win to stay one game up for the NFC north title with a tough game coming up this week in Arizona they needed this one. I believe this will be a measuring stick to where this team really is as a SB contender if they can pull off a victory against the Cards it will not only take them one step closer to a first round bye but also boost the confidence of the players as a whole!

Well let us know your thoughts on the game and the future of the team in the comments below or on our FB fanpage.



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R&R Packers/Raiders
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2 thoughts on “R&R Packers/Raiders

  • December 21, 2015 at 4:54 pm

    If McCarthy said, “I am happy where we are,” I think he is a good coach but not a great coach that can take his team to the SB many times. The great coaches I remember like Lombardi, Shula or Landry pushed hard for consistency. Jerry Kramer said Lombardi once said he would rather see consistently good execution and loose a game verses street ball and win games. I can see the wisdom in that. Today, one never knows what Packer team will show up. They deserve much credit for winning 10 games but lately seem to fold in the playoffs. I am happy for every win but cannot help but wonder if some wins come from good players?

  • December 21, 2015 at 7:14 pm

    Again the offense turned vanilla, no quick slants, no screen passes.
    Long pass routes and no receivers open. Hell I thought Clements was calling plays. Oh ya, lacy should sit, Starks and Crockett might make sense!


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