Rants and Raves by Jeff

With a win over the Bucs, the Pack clinches a playoff spot and next week, against the dirtiest team in John Kuhnthe NFL (aka the Detroit Lions), will be playing for the NFC North title. With this game being played in Lambeau where the Packers have not lost a game this year (7-0), I for one believe they not only win but put an old fashion butt whoopin on the Lions!


The offense was not the prettiest this game but Rodgers did get rolled up on about the 5th play of the game and played with a tight calf cramping up the whole game and not to mention Aaron had been fighting flu like symptoms for a few days as it was so he had to be a little off just for that reason alone, But all in all he played well enough to put points up.

Lacy had a great game as well, breaking one for 44 yards, his longest TD run of the year and just 1 yard short of another 100 yard game. He now has 2 consecutive 1000 yard seasons and keeps getting better.

Julius Peppers PackersHow about this defense? Ever since the move of Matthews in the middle and Barrington getting more play time this defense has found a new identity and spark. They seem to step up and play tough ball when the offense is not playing its best ball. Imagine what a game will look like when they are both clicking. Hopefully we will get that vision next week against the Lions!clay matthews

Randall Cobb had his best game of his career with 11 catches for 131 yards but no TD’s.

Nelson finished the game with 9 catches for 113 yards and a TD.

So between the two of them and Lacy’s strong run game the Pack came away with a much needed win to stay in the hunt for their 4th NFC North title in as many years.


I for one wished I could reach into the TV and grab McCarthy by the throat on some of his play calling. Up 10-3 with first and goal he runs 3 run plays which I suppose was not all bad but when they did not make it he decides to try and pass on fourth down instead of taking the 3 points. I am sorry but in a game which the defense is giving you trouble like this you take the points and especially being a close game at the time! Granted if he scores then he is a genius but he didn’t. So you take the 3 to make it a two score game.

I like Starks as well as the next person but when Eddie is gashing the defense let him play! Starks could not find a hole with a magnifying glass this game but McCarthy kept playing him. I understand Lacy needs a break to stay fresh but not a whole series, let him step in for a play or two then put Eddie back in.

Mason Crosby CompetitionSpeaking of FG’s Crosby needs to practice over time. If he misses those in a clutch situation that could be the difference of winning or losing.

But a win is a win no matter how pretty, so on to next week for what some are calling the big game! I say it’s a big game but not THE BIG GAME! That will be held in Arizona and our Packers will be there if they can step up these next few games!

With that said, let’s us know how you feel in our comments section below!

Go Pack Go!



Rants and Raves by Jeff — 4 Comments

  1. Agree, agree, and agree! You would have to fight ME to get to McCarthy though! Loved seeing the defense playing so well (even though Tampa Bay’s offense was absolutely HORRIBLE). For the last 2 games I could tell Aaron was not himself from the very first series. So Aaron…. GET WELL and clicking again!!

  2. Ya Mc C just wants to prove a point, running plays again to check off his list, when running is working he goes to the pass, when passing is working he goes to the run.
    I really like to see Cobb in the back field, no linebacker is going to keep up with him but why wait till the fourth quarter. McC has to turn to page 2 quicker if page 1aint workin!!

  3. I’d have gone for it on 4th down too. Our D was playing great, and the fact that they held again justifies his going for it for me. We were trying to put the game out of reach. But I’d have gone play action from under center. If Crosby had missed or had that FG attempt blocked, would you have complained that he hadn’t gone for the TD? As has been proven far too often this year, FGs are not a sure thing with the Packers.

    Lacy finished the game hurt again. All the more reason to play Starks, in my opinion. And the reason Starks was not nearly as successful is the formation, not Starks. Lacy’s big running plays all season long have come when Rodgers is under center and he hits the line with speed. Every single one of Starks runs in this game came from shotgun. Neither of them has been very successful running from shotgun, and on the few times they have been, the play was always called back for offensive holding. So I think the comparison between Lacy and Starks in this game is apples and oranges.

    We have yet to put together a “playoff” type of effort in all 3 phases of the game. I expect that it will be needed this week vs the Lions. It’s possible that we blow this team out, as you suggest. But I think it’s more likely that this is a dog fight from start to finish. Go Pack go!

  4. Jeff, good assessment! The defense played great, Lacy ran like a beast, it was a great team effort. Crosby worried me a little. He seems to miss pressure kicks but he is playing well over all. I came unglued when McCarthy didn’t kick the field goal on 4th down. In a game like this with Tampa getting shut down, take the points!

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