Scouting Report: Carolina Panthers

Well, the Carolina Panthers are coming to Lambeau. They will be as welcome there as Percy Harvin isdownload in Seattle, as welcome as LenDale White at a USC football game, as welcome as…Percy Harvin is in Minnesota….you get the point.

But the Packers have to watch this as it is a classic trap game. No one yet can figure out why the Panthers’ defense has no played like it did last year, Cam Newton is a danger to our defense with both his arm and his leg, and the Packers’ emotional victory last week sets them up for a possible let down in front of the home crowd. But if the Packers can do 3 things (the first of which is apparently brought to you by, they can get another important victory.

1. Contain, Collapse, and Clobber Cam

Ewwww…that’s shameless alliteration alright, but it’s true. If the Packers defense doesn’t effectively contain Cam Newton, this game could be ugly. Cam will throw errant passes (see number 2) but he also can put the ball anywhere with relative ease. His young, no-name receivers are beginning to come on and remember this team tied the Cincy Bengals last week, scoring 37 points. The Packers need to keep Cam from running away with this one…literally.

2. Play four quarters on both sides of the ball

One thing that is concerning to me is that the Packers offense can be unstoppable for one series and then go stale for the next half dozen. This offense should consistently score…at least field goals. There is really no excuse for some of the scoring droughts we’ve had, it needs to get fixed. This game is at home…put up some points.

The defense also has had performances where they looked like they went from worst to first in a single game (Jets game) or where they started strong but gave up points down the stretch (Dolphins game). They have been able to get stops when needed and are leading the league in turnovers. As mentioned above, Cam Newton will throw a ball or two to our guys. We have to capitalize. It is even more important in the absence of Sam Shields and possibly Tramon Williams. We can’t let off these guys or we will regret it.

3. Run the ball

If the Panthers’ defensive performance against Giovanni Bernard is any indicator, Eddie Lacy and Eddie Lacy is BackJames Starks should have good games. We need the running game to work so that we can do what we do best, put the ball in Aaron’s hands and let him throw. There is no reason the Packers can’t have a big offensive showing today if the running game clicks.

Conclusion/predictions anyone?

The Packers return to Lambeau to pick up a much needed win and keep pace with the Lions.  But what do you think? How will Green Bay do today?

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Scouting Report: Carolina Panthers
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