Scouting Report Part 2: Miami Dolphins

Tomorrow the Packers take on the ‘Phins and this game should be fun more than interesting. There thumbare a few cautions, however in watching the Dolphins first four games that should be noted. If the Packers play the way they have been playing for the past couple of games, they will be fine but here are three things to watch out for: 

Don’t play down to the talent

Lacy TouchdownThe Dolphins are NOT a good team. They beat the Patriots in a comedy of errors and the only other team they beat is the Raiders. If Green Bay doesn’t win this game by 20 points or better, I will be disappointed. The Packers match up so well against this team that it should not even be a contest. To see them play down to an opponent would be the last thing I want to see after several weeks of watching the offense get on track and the defense come into its own.

This is the perfect game for the Packers to dominate and they need to do that to show other teams that they are for real. Momentum and confidence cannot be underestimated in the game of football…the Packers take both into Miami and need to make a statement.

Take care of Knowshon Moreno

The Miami Dolphins have success when they can get the running game going and play action off that. This would be true of any team but it matters to the Dolphins more because they are short on talent and do not have a playmaking quarterback. The Packers will need to minimize Moreno’s impact and force the Dolphins to rely on Tannehill…which will be their undoing.

Look for the Packers to stack the box early, man up on the outside, and dare the Dolphins to pass the ball. Tannehill is not the most accurate quarterback, though he can make throws at times. If the Packers can stuff the run, the game gets out of hand quickly. I expect AJ Hawk to have 2 tackles for loss in this game. The rest will be gravy.

Pressure, pressure, pressure

We have said all along how important quarterback pressure is in this league. The Miami Dolphins are vulnerable to the Packers’ pass rush. I expect this game to rest (for the Dolphins) on the arm of Ryan Tannehill, and this is not a favorable equation. If the Packers can keep bringing the pressure from the outside in, Tannehill will go down and when he does deliver the ball, he will miss.

I expect Julius Peppers, Clay Matthews, and Mike Daniels all to have stellar games. This one will be a blowout. Tannehill is just not the quality quarterback that the Packers meet regularly in the NFC North, he will have a long day.


The Packers have the opportunity to make a statement in this game. Frankly, if they do not…I will be disappointed. The Miami Dolphins are NOT a playoff team…they are not a division challenging team (even though they beat the Patriots) they are not a GOOD team. Packers win by 20.


Scouting Report Part 2: Miami Dolphins
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2 thoughts on “Scouting Report Part 2: Miami Dolphins

  • October 11, 2014 at 10:48 pm

    Good read Brady and I will agree with you on all aspects except one my friend, While Hawk has been playing a little better ball he is still the weak link on this defense IMO! If a ILB gets tackles for losses it will be Lattimore not Hawk! I believe HHCD has the biggest impact from the backfield he gets one pick and one sack this game and I do agree the obvious rushers Peppers/Matthews and Daniels all have stellar games so will Neal and Perry when they are in to spell the latter. As I stated in another post Hydration is key to this game if they stay close to the waterboy and don’t get cramped up late in the game the Packers should win hands down.

    What I will be watching for is T.O.P. while the Pack has even won games they are getting beat in this category! So not only do I wish to see a win I want them to win the T.O.P. battle this week :)

  • October 12, 2014 at 2:50 am

    I expect it’ll be a closer game than a 20 points win. The Phins have a stout D, currently ranked 7th overall. Our O-line has struggled mightily to open holes for Lacy and that probably continues in this game. Take away Lacy’s 29 yard run and he still didn’t make 100 yards. While Rodgers put up 3 TDs vs MN, his yardage was nothing to brag about either. Take away the bomb to Nelson and he didn’t put up 100 yards. The Packers still had way too many 3 and outs in that game and our offensive stats were nothing to write home about – other than the efficiency of scoring and taking advantage of MN’s turnovers.

    The Phins’ D is better than MN’s. I agree that it comes down to stopping Moreno, and would add turnovers will also be key for a Packers’ win. I’ll go with 20-13 GB. This is a game we must win in order to remain in the SB contender conversation. I’d be very happy if we win by 20 points though – and that would be a statement indeed. :)


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