The Next Elite Packer Kick Returner

Packer Kick ReturnOne of the nice things about having so many weapons on offense is that it often creates a situation where a very talented athlete  emerges as a return specialist. Sometimes a situation is created where, in order to get some playing time, a wide receiver or defensive back with good vision, gets a feel for returning the ball.

We’ve seen that before in Desmond Howard and Randall Cobb. In the one case, Howard was just never going to develop into a great wide receiver. In the other case, Randall Cobb was biding his time until his opportunity arose. Both of these players used the return game as their moment in which they could contribute something to the game.

While these two are fresh in our minds because they’re fairly recent, there have been a number of Packer return men who have made an impact over the years. These guys not only got the Packers into short-field situations, but occasionally contributed points to the scoreboard.

  • Travis Williams (1967-1970): Scored 5 TDs including one from 104 yards out. Averaged 27.6 yards per return.
  • Dave Hampton (1969-1971): Three TDs, one from 101 yards out. Averaged 28.2 yards per return.
  • Roell Preston (1997-1998): Two TDs. Averaged 26.7 yards per return. In two seasons, amassed 2129 return yards.

Others spent years specializing in kick returns.

  • Steve Odom (1974-1979): 179 returns. Painfully, Steve got a lot of touches in those years.
  • Al Carmichael (1953-1958): 153 returns. Two for TDs. Averaged 25.5 yards a return.
  • Herb Adderly (1961-1968): 120 returns. Two for TDs. Averaged 25.7 yards a return.

Who do you think will be the Packers’ 2015 kick return specialist? Do you think a rookie will emerge like Cobb did his rookie season? Do you think it will be that talented receiver that just can’t get any playing time on offense, like Desmond Howard? Or, do you think the Packers will be forced to rely on the guys we’d like to only use on offense but have to step in because they’re the only ones who can get it right?

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The Next Elite Packer Kick Returner
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One thought on “The Next Elite Packer Kick Returner

  • July 15, 2015 at 9:27 pm

    I think Janis blew his chance last year with the 2 drops in the rain game, but he still has serious potential. I believe that Montgomery was drafted for this job, and it’s his job to nail down or lose this year. Go Pack go!


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