The Stage is Set

imagesWell the stage is set for the “Big Game”. The Lions will have to come to Lambeau, a place they have not won a game at since 1991 and they get there knowing that they have gotten at least four of their 11 wins by the skin of their teeth in the second half of games that they had every reason to lose. 

The Packers, on the other hand, have been sensational at home, beating down opponents and sitting Aaron Rodgers on the sidelines from time to time. The Packers defense has really come into its own recently, and if the offense hits its stride, it will be a bad day for a Lions team that has for too long won “by hook or by crook”.

The Packers team was pretty much decimated by sickness in week 16 (just check out the videos on the official website) and still managed to man-handle the Lovie Smith-led Buccaneers 20-3. The defense recorded 7 sacks and only allowed 3 points and the offense, while it was not up to its Lambeau Field scoring prowess…scored 20 points in a game where the scoring did NOT equal the level of domination.

downloadSo the stage is set and with the Lions coming to Lambeau Field one can’t help but imagine that the Green Bay Packers are gonna make a statement against the Lions on their way into the playoffs. But what do you think? HMU with a comment or comment on the Facebook fanpage to make your opinion known.

Go Pack!


The Stage is Set — 4 Comments

  1. Sooner or later, luck runs out. The Lions are where they are primarily because of luck. The Lions aren’t coming into our house and winning squat. The Pack WILL walk out of Lambeau as the NFC North Champs…..again!!!

  2. If we bring our A game we will prove to the NFL once again that we are for real and that we don’t care who we play or were you better be ready for a fight! GO PACK GO! Just win baby win!

  3. The Lions have won a lot of their games by 3 points or less and mostly because teams fall apart on them in the second half. The Packers will not do this, They will come out and destroy the Lions in the first half 35-3 and then by games end it will be 54-6 :)

  4. The PACK will do it again. No team will ever win as many times as the PACKERS have. Let’s show ’em how it’s done. GO PACK GO!!! I’ve been a fan for 49 years/ Some day I will get to see them play. It is on my Bucket list of things to do, before I get a new kidney. GO PACK GO!!!

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