2015 Pre-Season

Some Early Insights Into NFC North Competition

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It's the preseason, so it's difficult to make too many determinations about team potential. After all, teams have minimized their playbooks to avoid revealing too much of what their opponents can expect during the regular season. Still, I think the fact that preseason teams are very "vanilla" means we can learn a lot about their straight-up, one-on-one ability against the guys across from them. So, let's take a look at the Packers NFC North opponents and how their number ones look early in the preseason. (more…)

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Wednesday Practice Tweet-Cap

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Here's a rundown of today's practice. The In's...and Out's   #Packers DNPs: Blue, Glover-Wright, Goodson, Sebetic, Burnett, Bakhtiari, Daniels, Perillo, Abbrederis — Weston Hodkiewicz (@WesHod) August 19, 2015 S Morgan Burnett not around. Micah Hyde taking his reps. — Tom Silverstein (@TomSilverstein) August 19, 2015   Full list not practicing: Blue Glover-Wright Goodson Sebetic Burnett Bakhtiari Daniels Perillo Abbrederis — Pete Dougherty (@PeteDougherty) August 19, 2015 (more…)

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Love Larry McCarren: Love the New Coaching Staff Roles

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Larry McCarren did a nice breakdown of a play (well, plays) that the Packers made against the Patriots that built off each other. The play illustrated the way a coaching staff sequences plays during a game to gain an advantage. The Packers sent Adams and Cobb on crossing routes early in the first series. Later, they gave the defense the same look but instead of crossing Adams and Cobb, they had them split, causing the defender over the top to bite. The play went to Cobb for 18 yards. (more…)

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GPN Poll: Which Concerns You More?

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So, you've had some time to process things from preseason game one. You've read a bunch of observations and opinions from around the internet about the game. Now, it's your turn. (more…)

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One Glaring Hole in the Packers Preseason Game

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The Packers game last Thursday gave us a chance to see the Packers get in a lot of good work and come away relatively healthy. But there was one thing missing. One of the players that I have been looking forward to seeing take the field is Ty Montgomery. Montgomery was particularly interesting to me because of his fluid in-line cutting ability. The guy has all the measurables but when I saw him cut I thought to myself..."I am looking at the Packers next starting kick returner." (more…)

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