2015 Pre-Season

Jordy Lost for Season

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Word is just now coming out that Jordy Nelson has been lost for the 2015 season. Packernation will be in shock and disbelief for awhile but this is not without precedent for the Packers. In 1996, the Packers lost Robert Brooks and were able to get the job done. The Packers have not disclosed the exact nature of the injury, which presumably is an ACL with the possibility of other damage (MCL, PCL, meniscus) but whatever the injury is, he will need more time than the 2015 season can offer to get healthy again. (more…)

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R&R: Packers vs. Steelers

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Rants I am going to start with rants because I am not happy with a few things the main one being the injury to Nelson. This is why I hate preseason games I know it's suppose prepare the starters for the opening game but when you lose a star player in a meaningless game it really hurts the future of the team. It's not confirmed yet but the initial report is a torn ACL and that would mean season ending for the best receiver on the team. Without Nelson it will fall on Adams to step into the #2 spot…

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Continuity along O-Line a Vital Component of Offensive Success in 2015

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As is often the case during training camp, skill position phenoms have garnered the media’s attention – this August’s headlines centering around the promise of Stanford star Ty Montgomery. Now, with the Packers losing Jordy Nelson to a torn ACL, one can expect the conversation on Montgomery to grow even louder. But what should also be top-of-mind for Packer Nation is the recent injury to starting left tackle David Bakhtiari. A fourth-round draft pick in 2013, Bakhtiari has been the unexpected anchor to Aaron Rodgers and the offense during his two years in Green Bay. Preparing for the worst, Bakhtiari’s…

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Happy Game Day Packer Nation!

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Don't you just love game day? The summer starts to wind down and things get back into their typical routine. The kids are back in school and you can start to feel the air already cooling in the evenings. Despite the fact that winning or losing these games mean nothing in our quest for SB 50, this time of year always brings back a ton of warm memories for me. (more…)

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The Next Step…TODAY!

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The Packers' matchup against the Steelers will go a long way in determining a lot of young players' futures on this team. Several rookies put in showings against the Patriots and now have to show that they can be consistent and continue to grow. Other rookies have yet to make a case for themselves and all the rookies will want to shine on special teams. Here are a couple things I will be looking for in this game.  (more…)

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