Intro for 2015 Rants and Raves

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Aaron Rodgers INT PercentageBefore the season starts I want to tell you a little about myself. This will be my first full year of writing the Rants & Raves section for GPN, Brady asked me midway through last season if I would like to write a few posts about my thoughts on the games and I figured, “Why not?”, so this year let me start by saying first and foremost I am not a reporter or a statistical type of writer, I am a fan just like you who loves the Packers. When I put up a post I am writing from the heart about my take on the game, I know there will be those who disagree with my opinion and that’s expected, I’m not trying to push my opinions on anyone to make them see things my way. All I’m doing is giving you my viewpoint of the game. I do like it when my readers give me their input either good or bad because it helps me to connect with all of you and become a better writer for the R&R posts so please don’t be shy… tell me your opinions in our comments section below or on the facebook homepage.

Americas PackI just turned 54 this year so I am not a spring chicken and can handle constructive criticism if you disagree with my assessment of the game. A little friendly Pack smack-talk is fine as long as no one is rude or makes personal attacks 🙂

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

Packer fans are the best people I have had the privilege of associating with and I hope by writing for the GPN again this season I can have the pleasure of meeting more.

Go Packernation…and Go Pack!

Thanks. Jeff

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