What Excited Me About Family Night

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Davante Adams One Handed CatchThere are a ton of reasons Family Night excites me.

  • Lambeau Field packed to the gills for the first time since the previous season
  • Seeing the guys in full green and gold after a long football drought
  • Getting our first real glimpse into what kind of team we’ll be fielding in 2015

But, there was one highlight of the evening that shined above all others for me…

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

Davante Adams’ one-handed catch.

We know Davante is athletic. This earlier post proves that the man can get some air. And, we discussed Davante in our compare and contrast of the 2011 Packer offense with the 2015 Packer offense.

Still, you always wonder about the second year players. You worry that they might just be a flash in the pan and then disappear into the mist.

I think Davante’s catch made two statements. One, that he’s not going to disappear. Two, that he’s ready to take it to the next level.

Granted, the catch was made over a rookie, but rookie or no, family night or game night, THAT is a tough catch. It was the kind of catch that will give Aaron the confidence that Davante will win the critical battles if he’s given the opportunity.

The other thing about that catch that has my skin crawling with excitement is that a catch like that is made by a #1 receiver. The fact of the matter is that having Davante in the #3 receiver slot will be a nightmare for opposing defenses.

And I like it when opposing defenses have nightmares.


J.R. Augustine grew up in Black River Falls, WI and is currently living in Tennessee. He was born a Packer fan and survived the infamous 70s and 80s. He has immensely enjoyed the Packers' recent success and is looking forward to years of success to come.

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