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Ted ThompsonYesterday, I mused about how with this year’s Combine in the books and a clearer picture of how this draft class is, overall, that I believe it is likely that Ted Thompson will be looking to trade out of the first round. I know, I know…it is too early to tell. But when the draft class and the GM’s tendencies seem to intersect…I start to wonder out loud.

Also, I promised to have a PackerNation poll about what course you would take (or you think TT should take). And I am truly interested in thoughts and/or comments on this one. So here is the scenario as I see it.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

The offense

While the offense underperformed, it is not like there are several positions that are gaping holes. The “needs” of the offense have more to do with upgrades than true deficiencies. The running backs…Lacy was hurt and both guys had fumble problems this year (what the…???) and no running back corps is going to shine that way. But this year in particular, the running game was paramount because we lost Jordy Nelson and if you have every had an AC sprain (I have) you know that it was amazing that Randall Cobb could catch a pass at all. He didn’t complain a bit and just went out and did the best he could (respect) but the cards were stacked against him. Then Ty Montgomery went down and couldn’t get back on the field and the WR corps just fell apart like a house of cards. It is no wonder that at times, James Jones took the attention of the best defenders as he came out of the gates like the hammer of Thor. It is also no wonder that with Jordy gone and Cobb dinged up, Jones disappeared.

So WR and RB are not positions of need in my estimation. I believe Eddie Lacy is going to have his best year and with Jordy back and the rest healthy…the only real need is more of a luxury. A tight end that can take the top off a defense…well those aren’t a dime a dozen but yeah it would really add an edge to the Packers’ offense. Hunter Henry is a fine prospect but we would have to use the first round pick to get him.

I believe the offense comes back with a vengeance. Mike McCarthy is the “Eye of Sauron” and we saw the difference it made on special teams. Now with the Eye of Sauron intent on the offense again, the Packers leap back to top ten if I don’t miss my guess.


If Mike McCarthy is going to make good on his promise to move Clay Matthews back outside…the Packers need an upgrade at inside linebacker. Jake Ryan did an admirable job but this position, to me, is a true need. I don’t think any of the guys on the roster are the answer. So that requires either a high draft pick or a FA pickup. And we all know how Ted loves those spendy free-agents (I hope you are picking up the note of sarcasm…).

While there are a couple good ILB’s in this draft, the question is whether they will still be available at pick 27. So I have surmised that it is likely that if the Packers stay put at 27 and pick best player available, it may very well be a DL or DB. While I think the best player available is the way to go…in this case, while I would have nothing against either of these positions as I believe 1. You can never have too many big guys…especially of the quality that we would get at pick 27 this year. And 2. With the Packers defense being essentially a sub package defense (Nickel, dime) and Casey Hayward possibly leaving via free agency…a team can never have too many cornerbacks. This is a pass-first league and there are some great CB prospects in this year’s draft. But if we chose from these two positions, I would wonder if we were going to go right back to getting gashed by running backs up the middle.

So…that is why I expressed my opinion that I think it might be a good idea to trade down out of the first to someone who wants a last chance at a coveted player, and stockpile some picks for a draft that will yield some first round talent in the second round.

But what would you do? Here is your chance to let PackerNation know what you are thinking. You be the general manager for a minute and make the call below:


Jeffery Hayes

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  1.   April 14, 2015, 2:47 pm

    Thats awsome we have to keep all; or as many free agents as possible

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