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4 Perplexing Questions for OTA’s

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The second round of Packers’ organized team activities (OTA's) are about to get underway, meaning full-fledged training camp isn’t far off! What are some of the big questions facing the Packers? I asked GPN contributor Mike Jacquart to share some thoughts about four questions, several of which were also asked in a previous post, but which bear addressing again. BA: Can rookie Jason Spriggs compete for the starting right tackle job or will he stay a backup? (more…)

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3 Burning Questions for Packers OTA’s

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OTA's start tomorrow and the Packers, like every other team in the league they begin the process of forging the pieces of last year's team together with new additions to create a coherent, hopefully stronger whole. But the Packers had some questions coming into this off-season and OTA's will be a chance to begin the process of answering them. Here are my top three: (more…)

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GPN “Would You Rather” POLL

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OK Packernation, just for fun we are starting a new series of polls called "would you rather" polls. In these polls you are faced with a dilemma and you have to choose one or the other. Some of these will be possible, most will be impossible. Some will be serious, most will be completely off the wall (we don't want to jinx anyone). They all will make you think because you HAVE TO CHOOSE ONE. You can talk about it with your friends, sure. But in the end the choice is up to YOU. So without further ado, (and just…

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Pack Signs “The Big Kowalski”

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The Packers have been a leading team in successfully developing un-drafted free agents for a long time. Yesterday the Pack announced that they had signed Villanova tackle Vince Kowalski. At 6'4" and 305 pounds, Kowalski has the frame to add depth to the Packers line while he develops as a pro. Kowalski is also durable, starting every game of his four year career at 'Nova. He keeps a wide base and finishes plays. All-in-all, big Kowalski is an interesting prospect on a team that has its starting O-line intact but needs to continue to look to add depth in case…

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Packernation Poll: Who Will Give the Packers a Run?

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Today's Packernation poll is the result of a conversation I had during the draft. The question surrounded discussion of all the upheaval in the NFC North. With both the Lions and the Vikings having relatively new head coaches and now the Bears with a brand new one. The North has one team that seems to be neither in flux, nor rebuilding and that is the Green Bay Packers. (more…)

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