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Lost Amid the Pomp and Circumstance

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Last night was the culmination of many years of waiting for Packer great Brett Favre to show his face once more and be seen by the masses of Packernation. But lost in the pomp and circumstance of Brett Favre's induction ceremony was a short video that I just caught this morning. It was another great Packers quarterback and another quarterback whose face Packernation had not seen in a long time. This man had taken the team on his back on the Frozen Tundra too. And when it was time to honor Brett Favre, though he could not be present at…

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WIN An Authentic Brett Favre Jersey!

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Why not celebrate Brett Favre's induction into the Packers Hall of Fame with a FREE authentic Brett Favre jersey! This is not the basic jersey but the authentic one just like the one Brett Favre wore when he played (valued at $179.00) For a limited time only, get entered into a drawing for an authentic Brett Favre jersey (subject to availability). These jerseys, as you can well imagine, are flying off the shelf and will soon be gone! We want to send one out to a deserving fan of Packernation on the day that Brett Favre is inducted into our Hall…

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AM Quickslant: It’s Friday and a Special Weekend is Here

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The Packers have had quite a quarterback run. When you have a guy like Brett Favre for 16 years and he is followed up by a guy like Aaron Rodgers, you just have to thank the football gods or your lucky stars (or a great organization making good decisions) and sit tight for the next exciting season. This year, Packernation has an additional off-season celebration. The induction of Brett Favre into the Packers Hall of Fame. Packers fans around the world will be watching as one of the greatest players the franchise (and the NFL) has seen will be honored…

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AM Quickslant: Packernation Poll

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Brett Favre had so many characteristic receivers through the years. Those receivers, combined with Favre's cannon of an arm, made for some great memories. As this weekend and the induction of Favre into the Packers Hall of Fame gets closer, those memories come flooding back. All the top ten lists and best of Brett Favre videos show historic quarterback/receiver combinations and Favre made a lot of great plays with a lot of different receivers. (more…)

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There Was A Time…

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As the time to install Brett Favre in his place of honor draws near, many in Packernation reminisce about what has been called "The Brett Favre Era". This is only fitting as it was one of the most exciting periods in the long and vaunted Packers history. But I noticed one thing also. A lot of fans are reminding the rest of us about the era before Brett Favre. Aside from the success of the "The Cardiac Pack" under Don "Majic Man" Majkowski (which was exciting), the Packers had wavered between pathetic and mediocre for years.  (more…)

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