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One Glaring Hole in the Packers Preseason Game

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The Packers game last Thursday gave us a chance to see the Packers get in a lot of good work and come away relatively healthy. But there was one thing missing. One of the players that I have been looking forward to seeing take the field is Ty Montgomery. Montgomery was particularly interesting to me because of his fluid in-line cutting ability. The guy has all the measurables but when I saw him cut I thought to myself..."I am looking at the Packers next starting kick returner." (more…)

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Un-PACK the Play: Tolzien to Montgomery on 3rd and 11

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The interesting thing for me in the Packers' preseason game against the Patriots was to see Scott Tolzien play like a starter. His understanding of the offense, release, and inside-out movement were vastly improved to the extent that there are several teams in the league that would be better served with Tolzien than their current prospects. Sure, on other teams Tolzien would not have the depth at receiver but again, his pre-snap reads and quick release and arm strength that has truly improved would make him a contender. Here is the breakdown of a 3rd and 11 play that not…

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3 Reasons Tolzien Could Start On Other Teams

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Scott Tolzien continued his over 100 passer rating in his first preseason action of 2015. Going 10/16 for 107 yards and a touchdown with no interceptions was proof that Tolzien is growing in the Packers' system. But if you look at quarterback rating alone, Brett Hundley had a better day with a rating of 138.9 as compared to Tolzien's 102.9. But as we all know, passer rating isn't everything (though Hundley's performance was a joy to watch), and there are many other characteristics that make a quarterback. Scott Tolzien showed me something last night...he proved to me that he is…

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R&R – Rants and Raves: Packers vs Patriots

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The Packers WIN Yay! Actually the pre-season is more about evaluation than wins/losses so lets look at a few good things they did in the game: Raves The Packers' first-team offense ran 32 plays in first quarter with 161 total yards and Rodgers going 11-19 for 117 yards, Lacy looked like a beast as he broke a run up the middle to start the pre-season right where he left off last year. I liked the play calling with them going for it on 4th downs early even if they didn't score at least they are showing some aggression. I liked…

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3 Reasons to Breathe Easier

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If you're like me, you were suprised at how compelling last night's game was from start to finish. Usually, the first pre-season game doesn't feature many starters and then is just about individual play of a few young guys and looking for performers on special teams that give themselves a chance to make the team. Last nights game had all that...and more. (more…)

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