INTERACTIVE: Let Packernation Make the Pick

hunterAt this point in the process, the discussion centers around each team’s top pick and the Combine will help clarify that position. Hunter Henry certainly would be a welcome addition to the Packers offense. He is up against it being a tight end, a position that the Packers already have some young talent and in a draft that is heavy in Defensive linemen and offensive tackles, both of which are more crucial positions. But Henry is a playmaker and Ted Thompson has consistently kept pass catchers coming for Aaron Rodgers and the tight end position fits that bill.

One thing that was not mentioned in the Point/Counterpoint was the Packers’ firing of tight ends coach Jerry Fontenot. This proves that the Packers want improvement at this position. But the question is…do they think the improvement will come with a coaching change and the players they currently have? Does it mean that the Packers have an overall offensive focus on the tight end position which may include adding a play-maker at tight end? These are the questions that make the development of the 2016 team in the off-season so interesting.

Now it is your turn Packernation! Take the poll below to let everyone know whether you think Hunter Henry will be a Packer:


INTERACTIVE: Let Packernation Make the Pick
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