Packernation Poll: Did He Do Enough?

timeThis one question looms over all the young hopefuls of this latest Packers roster…”Did I do enough?”. This weekend, those questions will all be answered by 4:00 pm (ET) tomorrow. In the meantime the speculation will reach a fever pitch and one Packers player in particular is creating a furor.

While it is tempting to immediately go to predictions, we here at GPN will save that until a little bit later and put our two cents worth in on this single player that is causing all the ruckus right now. And we want to know what Packernation thinks.

Jared Abbrederis finally took the field last night and we believe he showed that he can play at this level. He showcased his route running ability and though he only caught one pass, his other targets were throws made to him when he was not open. Does this mean that Abby doesn’t have enough ability to get open, or will the incomplete targets be put on the quarterback? I think the latter will be the case and that Jared Abbrederis showed that his route-running ability, when fully developed in the Packers sophisticated scheme and at the NFL level, will make him a dangerous receiver.

But that…well…is just not enough. The Packers are loaded with young talent at the wide receiver position and it seems to Jared Abbrederis Preseason 2015me that Jared is in danger of coming up short when tomorrow’s deadline comes. But there is one caveat. Abby showed that he can return punts. He had a fumble which is a huge strike against even though it was called back. But I was impressed with his instincts in the punt return game. As he himself said, he took a gamble on the first one, risking being buried by the first tackler. But he shed not only him but another tackler and found a seam behind a good block to get upfield for seventeen yards. Now, seventeen yards may not seem like much but in the compressed, chaotic punt return game in the NFL positives like that can quickly turn into touchdowns because the compression of the defense leaves fewer defenders deep enough to take an angle on a returner who finds daylight.

So will the Packers keep Jared Abbrederis? That’s the real question. I think the Packers want to but are not the kind of team to keep a player simply for that reason. This is a serious case of the “player on the bubble”. I think it is very possible that Abby’s roster time runs out and if that is the case, I think he is a good candidate for the practice squad with a history of injury and very little tape to perhaps render him invisible to other teams.

But what do you think? Take the poll to be counted and let Packernation know what you think.

Go Pack!

Packernation Poll: Did He Do Enough?
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